Dirty Glove Entertainment.

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  1. I dont know how big Dirty Glove has been getting. But i been bumping underground Dirty Glove for years. And jus in the past month more or two been hearing them on the radio and shit.

    K-Doe A.K.A. K-Deezy has been hitting the radios all the time. If ya'll interested in his shit, He's got three hits right now. 'In My Hood', 'Bang Bang', And 'Countin My Dope Money'.

    We got a ton of artists under dirty glove.

    We got Street Lordz, Don Juan, Short Dawg. Dirty Glove Family records, Jesse James, Blade Icewood.

    Short Dawg's from Houston but he always reppin the Dirty D. He be down in Detroit all the time.

    Here they site, But aient shit on it really. http://www.dirtygloveentertainment.com/

    Here some myspace profiles they got, Got music and info on them.

    Dirty Glove Entertainment - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cf...iendID=37793162

    Juan - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cf...iendID=52900797

    K-Doe - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cf...iendID=46832752

    Short Dawg - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cf...iendID=27570735

    Check em out if you aient heard of them. They got a raw gangster sound to them. Not about what they own or none of that shit. About gang banging, Crack slanging, All that good shiet.

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    C'mon ya'll. Lemme know whatcha think about a taste of MY hometowns rap.
  3. ey thats some pretty tight shit man
  4. yea i just typed in dirty glove in yahoo cause Juan's like hit me at dirygloveentertainment.com *****, but foreal though Dirty Glove keeps it the realest, the streetest and you can feel em the most, lyrically and BASS WISE, nothin like hearin that shit bump, n im fuckin ecstatic they been on the radio, i been wantin to go down to the zoobar n pick up some underground cds mixes n shit but i been hesitant cause im white, but w/e i can say i had business on some of the toughest streets n the gritty city of detroit so ill prob get on down there and see whats good before too long. But yea i felt it my obligation to bump this shit up to the top of grasscity remmbered my login n all, yall stay bumpin this shit and given mad props to the Street Lords. O n the dude who made this post if you got any pull holla at me i got flows for fuckin days n i wouldnt even just say that shit.


  5. Hell yeah homeboy, You know whatsup.

    I miss that nig Blade, R.I.P.

    Bro, Jus get your ass down in the gritty gritty and buy them boys, You go up in there and dont look like a scared lil bitch you'll be straight. Jus dont stare at people.
  6. Why aient nobody givin my peoples a try. These my peoples here, Short Dawg, K-Deezy, Blade Icewood (R.I.P.), The whole street lordz and chedda boyz. These my folks.

    Its the gangsterest rawest shit out there. These folks aient no studio gangsters, Why you think they dying or being in jail n shit. Thas why they aient hit the big time. K-Deezys gettin there tho. But these dudes fer real hustlers and bangers and bringin the rawest streetest rap out there.

    "I aient lyin bitch, Ill kill you thta aient findin shit, Cuz im jus countin my dope money (X10), Picture of myself of bein broke, I laughed because it was a joke, Lost my pops since i was 9 homie, Since then my walkin the streets with the .9 homie, 15 on the scene with the green lookin mean, Chillin with the G's, But im jus COUNTIN MY DOPE MONEY..."

    Check it.
  7. This is what the fuck im talkin bout, dirty glove allll fuckin day....

    Yall people need to not sleep on this shit.

    If any of yall need some shit I got tons of detroit music just holla @ me.

    blade icewood
    street lordz
    eastside cheddboyz
    big herk
    lil mike mike
    cosa nostra
    outlaw jesse james
    chedda boy malik
    al nuke
    tuff tone
    detroits most wanted
    east nine four boyz
    lodge boyz
    marquise porter
    stretch money
    tone tone
    wesley valentine
  8. I listened to one song it was by K-Doe i think. The title was in my hood. I didn't like it. I thought it was horrible. He will never make it big singing like that.
  9. I listened to Get at Me. It sounded alright. It's not my style in rap though. Still a decent song though.
  10. Man, I clicked on this thread thinking there was going to be perverted acts done by surgical gloves or something.
  11. Dirty gloves whas up.

    Raw ass street rap.

    Straight to the point, Jus like the city we rep this shits gritty and grimey.

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