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  1. Ok so a few days ago I was pulled over because my car plates came back as the owner did not have a license so that was his main reason to pull me over. He then smelt dope and asked how much we've been smoking tonight. We told him we had it in the car there was about 6 or 7 grams. He then said hands on the dash and called in the k-9 unit and told me to step out of the car and he patted me down and put me in handcuffs. My friend was also there and he was patted down, put in handcuffs then put in the back of the cop car. They found the dope and I said it was all mine and not my friends. When they looked at it they seemed to express a lot of interest in it he then questioned me about who I was getting it from. How much I had paid for it. He then stepped away and talked to his buddy he came back and said he was going to "cut us loose this time" but that he wanted to have a word with me. So they took my friend out of the cop car and they made him drive because I did not have a license agian that was the main reason I was pulled over. He put me in his car and agian questioned who I was getting it from, what's the most I've baught, where the guy I get it from lives and about every question they usually do. He gave me his card and told me to call him because he wanted to ask even more questions and see if I would tell him the name of the guy and where he lived. After that he put the dope in his trunk released from the scene and didn't write me or my friend any citations or tickets. I didn't sign a single paper. And just last night he called me from a private number and asked if i was still willing to work with him and giving him information about the provider. He wanted my dealers name and address thats all. I asked him if I could call him back and he said friday was the next time he worked but he said that if I didn't call him he would file the paperwork and I would get charged for driving without a license and possesion of the substance.Can i still be cahrged with this even after i got released from the scene and didnt sign a single paper?
  2. Cease all communication. Cops can do what they call release pending charges but if he didnt say anything about that I would not pick up or call him at all

    But he may also keep an eye out for you doing illegal things in the future since you didn't work with him
  3. I am almost under the exact same situation and am wondering the same thing, if I hadn't signed anything than am I good lol?
  4. when he called me last night he said if i was not cooperative with him that he would have to file the paperwork and charges would be pressed. should i still not call him or pick up?
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    edit:What the eff yo? Why on earth are you calling the beautiful plant Cannabis 'Dope'!?!? Do you know how much that bothers me?
  6. No you cannot. He should have written out the paperwork before hand, and in letting you go plus taking your marijuana he has no proof that you had anything that day.

    Just deny it all, where's the evidence? And if he did keep the weed and uses it later in court as evidence then you could argue why didn't he book you right then and there? Why was he playing detective and trying to ask you all of this information?

    If he ever calls you again, just ignore it. If you answer, hang up. He will be FORCED to come to your house with a warrant to physically bring you out of your house and arrest you on marijuana charges, which is a waste of the polices time and money.

    He missed his chance to charge you, and his behavior is very fishy. You are in the clear, just ignore him and you'll be fine. If he does end up arresting you in the future, have an attorney present and I'm positive they will drop any charges. Don't talk to the police without an attorney.
  7. If we told you he would fine you if you didn't talk, you'd consider being a rat? Not cool man, you are the one driving a car illegally, and got caught smoking and carrying while driving illegally, how is that your dealer's fault? He didn't tell you to break multiple laws at once, take responsibility and tell the cop that you don't know anything. You don't rat people out, especially over marijuana.
  8. thanks for the help everyone and dr sheldon i never once thought about ratting someone out i was the one that took blame for the weed in the car it was all on me.

  9. I understand, that was the proper thing to do. However, you did not tell him that you weren't going to reveal your dealer. You led him to believe you would, which makes me believe that you didn't want to rat him out but you were still considering it as an option if it meant you weren't going to get fined. Or at least that is how you came across in your original post. I apologize for assuming that, was just how I interpretted the story.
  10. Yes, you can still be charged.

    So, either you give up someone else or you are going to take the rap. That is the way the system usually works.

    You might be able to concoct a story convincing enough that shows your willingness to cooperate but it was a one-time deal and you don't even know the guy or whatever. It is a tough spot to be in but you really don't want to be a snitch. Good Luck.
  11. just stop answering...ticket at the scene...or some sort of paperwork...or that meeting never officially happened. but i swear to god if you cave and rat on youre dealer i will slap the tits out of you.
  12. Had a warrant for possession of mushrooms.. had said warrant for almost a year. Warrant police kept falling for the run around.. Then one day the ATF busted in my house claiming something about me being a felon and having guns.. even though i didnt.. guess it all came down to not sending in my FOID card.. anyways this joker try to get me to get him some guns.. " i know drugs and guns go hand in hand and i have you record right here infront of me." i never said shit. i ended up being sentenced to Doc and he kept calling my wife and shit while i was in prison. askin when id be home. and what my plans were.. freaked me the fuck out.. all just kinda stopped right before i came home.. just tryin to scare you into gettin him a promotion is all. if he was gunna arest you youd be gone already.

    this happened to me.

  14. You really need to keep us posted about what happens with this cop. Because I'm really fucking curious to see how far he will go to get your dealer. I can't imagine he could ado anything.....when they write up the paperwork and shit they usually make you sign it, right? But then again cops often times feel as though they can do what is necessary to take down the bad guy. And unfortunately that's either you or your dealer in his eyes

  15. Dope dope derp.

    Lol, beautiful cannibus plant, huh? Its a weed fool.

    People like you make me laugh.

    @op: just stop answering and watch your back on this guy. He already knows your car and license plate nu,ber, so id be careful about driving around with any substance on you...
  16. [​IMG]
    that is the question
  17. [quote name='"porchy44"']

    that is the question[/quote]

    I don't get it. According to your pictures in either situation he's a "snitch"?
  18. It is a beautiful plant. People like you make me hurl.
  19. [quote name='"MayorMcStoned"']

    Dope dope derp.

    Lol, beautiful cannibus plant, huh? Its a weed fool.

    People like you make me laugh.

    @op: just stop answering and watch your back on this guy. He already knows your car and license plate nu,ber, so id be careful about driving around with any substance on you...[/quote]

    Why are you on a cannabis forum if you feel its a weed... have you ever seen marijuana in real life? It is quite asthetically pleasing to look at. Unlike real weeds, which are ugly and disruptive and damaging. Good day sir :)

  20. "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet..."

    We all enjoy this plant (obviously) but it doesnt matter what you call it dude.

    i personally call it flippity floppity floop...

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