dirty bubbler contest

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  1. Plus rep to the person who post a pic of their dirtiest bubbler. I wanna see how dirty things can get.
  2. Not to sound mean or anything, but your +rep wouldnt do anything to anybody's rep.
  3. i know a kid. maybe if i ever actually chill with him i'll take a picture. i wont even hit it. shit is absolutely disgusting. you could be smoking the dankest of dank and all you taste is resin. i keep my shit cleaaaaaaan.
  4. yep. its useless at that low of a number of posts when you dont have rep yourself. i wonder if my rep abilities work yet.

    bKush, did this give you a green?
  5. Kobe, you need to have (around) one light green bar to give + green rep.

    And OP, No thank you.
  6. its the thought that counts guys ;)
  7. Exactly. I'm gonna plus rep you for saying that, even though it wont do anything.

    Shit im high. :smoking:
  8. I win!!!! REP REP REP!


  9. Thank u everyone. Else excused me for tryna organize something damn
  10. Eww... I swore off bubblers for a while because of their propensity to get absolutely filthy.

    Would you eat off of filthy dishes? It's too bad I can't post my old bub on here. One of the few pieces I've named. It was called Coltrane and it used to taste like shit when it wasn't perfectly clean but I loved it anyway. You wouldn't have been able to see the filth anyway though.... it was fully worked.
  11. Bubblers are by far my favorite piece to smoke from its just a shame they get so nasty. I absolutely love them when the owner keeps on top of their shit. They can be really fucking sweet and unique, often times more-so than bongs.
  12. rep whore lmao
  13. truth hahahaha.
  14. that bubbler is custy.
  15. urine filtration?
  16. Yeah I put my weenie in the mouth piece too bad it's like 30x too big. :mad:
  17. The only thing i dont like about bubblers is, they do get extremely dirty. and pretty hard ta clean.
  18. I wish I saw this thread earlier I just got a bubbler back from a buddy. It was so resinated that I had to leave ISO Alcohol in there for 3 days for it all to loosen up.

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