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Dirty Bowl = Resin Coated Weed Delight

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ducegt, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. So primary my weapon of choice is a spliff. My bowl doe not get used on a daily basis so I kinda forgot to actually cash the last dozen or so bowls properly. Tonight I'm out of my favorite mixer (Parliament Lights) so I packed her tight. I hit it like 5-6 times and they all sucked. So I empty my bowl and my buds are all covered in sticky's a dark dark black so you know it's not burnt. I've got plenty left of my oz so I'm not desperate to get high, but man am I glad I smoked this shit. Would you hit it or is resin too nasty for your taste?
  2. i find that resin gets me high, so i'd smoke it all.
  3. I love resin, it gives you such a nice body high.

    I only smoke it when I'm dry but I don't mind it at all. Especially scraping it and smoking it on the blades.
  4. damn, i hate resin

    tastes/smells like ass and gives me a strong high that lasts for all of 15 minutes

    but yea, when i'm dry, i'll gladly start scrapin my bowls

    one time, me and a buddy (who doesn't smoke) were playin some games - i told him i was gonna go outside and smoke - i went out and res hit my bowl a few times - came back in, and he said i smelled like a porta potty
  5. ive hit res plenty of times but ive made the mistake of putting res on top of a bowl and totally ruining the taste of my chronic. it was a sad sad moment.
  6. i took a vow never to smoke gack (res) again, please join me.
  7. You call Resin, gak? Up here we call cocaine, gak. But yes, if I am dry and desperate than I crack out all my pipes and start scrapping and making resin balls.

  9. you mix your herb with tobakky in a bowl? is that any good?? (stupid question, I know ahhaha you wouldn't do it if you didn't think it was good...) i have never tried it- seems like it would taste weird
  10. Res is the shit...I've hit some res that hit like hash. It all depends on what you smoke out of your pipe though, if you only hit dank you can get some nice res built up..
  11. Word, gack is crack or coke. Hahah imagine if a gack fiend was somebody who was addicted to scraping resin out of bowls..

    Resin isn't alllll that bad. Tastes like straight poop, but it gets you high and it's free so why not?
  12. Pretty sure he meant that he couldn't roll a spliff cuz he had no tobacco, so he packed a bowl of bud.
  13. Yeah I was into smoking spliff bowls for awhile. I was really doing it to quit smoking tobacco, which suprisingly worked. I started with real spliffy bowls and worked my way up to just bud bowls. It's a weird kind of high, but does help with conservation of product
  14. I don't smoke resin anymore. I'd rather not be high than smoke resin...just don't like the idea of it. It makes me feel like crap and the high is short-lived, plus it tastes like shit. I don't care what other people do, but I choose to not smoke it.
  15. I try not to smoke resin anymore after I quit smoking cigs. I promised myself to adopt an "only smoke green" policy, and that includes tobacco, resin, and schwag. :hello:

  16. amen to that.

    if you guys want ill save up my res and whoever wants it could come and scrape my piece for me

    fucking disgusting
  17. i clean my bowl by boiling it in water, what would happen if you drank that water or used the resin that came out of the bowl by drying it and then smoking it?
  18. i only do it when i clean out my sneakatoke - that thing's a resin machine, and there's just sooooo much of it that i almost feel like it's a waste not to. gets me high enough, too. i scrape it onto a screen and fire up the bong, it ain't so bad.
  19. man since i've this bowl i've done nothing but smoke headies out of it, only mids on 4 or 5 occasions.. and i just scraped the resin tonight and smoked it and i'm high as shit, i didn't expect to be this high

    nothin' wrong with smokin' a lil resin every once and awhile, it's a different high, in a good way

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