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Dirtiest thing you've ever done

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Ryusuke, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. The following is dirty. I've never talked to anyone irl about this

    Before you continue reading please understand the girl was VERY hot and was my first girlfriend at the time

    she looked kinda like this:


    so me and my hot white girlfriend are chilling watching a movie late at night waiting forever for her parents to go to bed...then they do and we start making out and touching
    Then we start fucking like crazy animals. Every position has been explored. I sucked those tits harder than she sucked my dick. I destroyed her vagina. I was so horny I wanted to put my dick in her ass so I had to loosen it up so I started kissing that hole and putting my finger in it. I put my finger in so fucking deep I felt something hard. Felt like hard little pebbles. Then I realize, this is some shit. When I pulled my finger out I scooped out a small pebble of shit with it. I was in shock at this point. I hid the piece of shit in my clothing on the floor so she wouldn't be embarrassed. I decided to end this session quickly by exploding in her face. It didn't smell or anything so that was a relief...

    At this point I'm thinking, "oh god why"

    She goes to get cleaned up in her room and I flush that shit down the toilet. This was around 4 years ago when I was young

    okay your turn.
  2. i need an adult
  3. Licking booty hole
  4. Thats pretty nasty

    Once i banged my ex in the butthole and got poo on my dick, it smelled like shit when i pulled out, oh and when i was banging her doggystyle i got some poo on my shirt, i went to the bathroom and cleaned up with baby wipes
  5. Shit happens ;)
  6. Dirtiest thing i've ever done was read that story, to much much.
  7. it was hot when it happened
  8. Ewwheheheuheuheuheuhew!
  9. period fucking and she bled on my dick it was a gross experience

  10. Happened to me too. It was all dark red, thick and kinda looked like shit...
  11. its a risk taking experience lol
  12. I rawdogged in my ex girlfriends bum after licking and fingering her to loosen her up. Luckily however I got no shit on ma dick :)
  13. Fucked my first real girl friend in the ass without a condom. About 7 years ago now.....

    None of that loosening it up shit, she just hopped on and rammed my dick in her ass with plenty of lube. Her expression was priceless and its giving me a boner just thinking about it. She was like :eek:, but she started grinding her hips around and I just went crazy. I flipped her on to her back and started fucking her ass hard. She was biting her lips just taking it. Then fucked her ass doggie style for a while, banged her pussy while I fucked her ass, then to finish I came right in her asshole. I went balls deep when I came.

    The gross part came later when I was cleaning up I had a small streak of shit on my dick. :eek:

    She told me later it hurt but she forced herself to keep going because she felt like I owned her. Damn I loved that girl, she made my boner explode like no other

  14. hot story bro.

    time to jerk myself to sleep
  15. Fingered some girl in class. Had to look over at a bro and confirm it was all good. I had no idea what the hell was going on down there, so I traced my way down her pubic region. Finally 'got in' and she jumped abit which scared me. I jumped as well and was like oh shit.
  16. Gods gonna send you to hell for getting a boner too that
  17. This thread is full of rookies.

    I was fucking a girl cowgirl, when I heard her fart. I laughed cause i'm immature and thats funny to me. We fucked for a while, and when she got off me she proceeded to blow me till I came down her throat.

    Let it be known that this was highschool, after school, mid afternoon on her bed. I came, put on my pants, chilled a bit, stayed at her parents for dinner ect. ect. The whole time smelling something a little off. Her parents ended up driving me home.

    Once home I decided to rock a piss, and upon uncovering my cock and itching my balls I discovered the origin of the smell. Bitch sharted on my balls, then proceeded to go down on me without saying a word with my shitty ball sack next to her face.
  18. That's probably the best thing I have read :laughing:
  19. I had to break loose a clog in my septic field; that was just plain nasty.
  20. Fuckkkk, I can't stop laughing hahahahahaha :smoking: That's nasty!

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