Dirtbike or Fourwheeler?

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  1. Well, in a few monthes once my car gets paid off I'm going to get a either a dirtbike or fourwheeler.. I've rode before and own a dirtbike before, but I'm not sure what I want. I live out in the country, if that helps. I want somthing quick and reliable. I am leaning more twords a dirtbike because they are cheaper. What do you guys reccomend? I was thinking a RM 125 or a YZ 250. Or should I get a 4 stroke? Well, give me your opions!

  2. i love fourwheelers, never could afford one though
  3. I have a TTR 225 and its a 4 stroke. It has really fast speeds up to about 60 mph but doesn't have much acceleration because its a 4 stroke. If you are looking to just cruise trails then this is the bike for you but if you wanna go up steep hills and do jumps then go for the yz-250
  4. 4 wheeler man you will never regret it think of all the fun times you can have on 1 ripped just load er up and hit the trails go mudding do it all the time i have a 700 kawasaki prairie offroad 4 wheeler not a racing 1 its still fast as hell tho!!!!!
  5. Marijuana...But if not, a fourwheeler.
  6. gonna have to go with fourwheeler, i have more fun on em
  7. bikes require more skill and are so much more fun IMO. i used to race enduros. personally id say 2 stroke. much nuttier and fun. 4 strokes have low end which is nice for hill climbs and shit but for for bombing through the woods unless you are new to riding. if your not expierence id recomend a yzf 250. if u wanna stick 2 id say yz 125 or if you have the money sx125. KTM is a nice bike just more pricey.
  8. ATV for sure, doesn't matter the weather with them, you can always go tear shit up. We've got two honda rubicon, not sure on the name spelling, as I'm quite high.. but it's somewhere around that. You could also invest in a small trailer, I've got one that can hold an 8' x 10' ice house, along with some other shit, and the fourwheeler pulls it fine, through most everything.
  9. As dirtbikes go 2 strokes are in the past. All the big companys are putting all their R&D efforts in th four strokes. Some might tell you to start on a race 250f......


    ..... but once you gain a little experiance you will find that you will out grow it quickly. I reccomed starting on a 450f.....


    ..... But I personally prefer quads to motocross bike, and would recomend you to get one, as quading is way more fun baked. I recomend the newer 450 race quads; trx450r, yfz 450, lt-r450. I love the trx450.....


    .... but it looks like the lt-r450.........


    ...... is going to destroy the competition. It is wider, has better handleing, a beter motor, better suspention, better geometry, ect. Or if you don't wan't a full blown race quad I would recomend a Suzuki z400 or the Kawasaki clone of it....


    this quad is still very fast and takes very well to mods. I would buy this if you wanted conveniances like electric start (which by the way is for pussies :D), softer seat, better ride at slower speeds, reverse, ect.

  10. i would get a deal on one of each used...thats what im doin and im gettin a jet ski in about a month just in time for summer :bongin:
  11. I've never ridden on a dirtbike but with the fun I've had on fourwheelers I definitely say get a fourwheeler....make sure it has 4WD!
  12. I dissagree, having ridden both in all different conditions (mud, steep hills, some sand, winter) that the sport quads can go almost anywhere that the four wheel drive quads can. Sport quads are much faster and fun to ride, and can do all the fun things that 4x4 can't do; jump, catwalks, dunes. However if you ride in mostly very muddy conditions then I would recomend a 4x4. One of my quading buddies has owned pretty much every big bore 4x4 made, Grizzly 600, Honda Rincon, Kawasaki Brute Force 750 (POS by the way). He now is riding a Suzuki King Quad 700.....


    .... and he thinks it is the best one out of the ones he has owned. But even he agrees that the BRP Outlander 800......


    ..... is the best 4x4 that is out today. It has by far the most power (65hp) and has a vrey nice ride.

    Oh, and as long as 4x4s go stay far, far away from Polaris

  13. I never met a man i didnt love that owned a Harley.
    Thats me though. Get what you want.:p
  14. Dirtbike.

    Vincent Black Shadow... the only bike that can get a job like this done properly...

    And at least a pint of ether.
  15. Get a Dirtbike dude.

    I got a Suzuki Bandit 600cc and I'm a biker for life man :D
  16. get 4 wweeler there more fun / safe and my friend l0ves his not his bike

  17. I was just thinking...by 4 wheeler, you mean an "ATV" or a "Quad Bike"...right?

    If so...motorbikes are safer, a motorbike can't flip on a corner like a quad and if you bail a motorbike and it comes down on you, you will be less fucked than if a quad comes down on you!

    Get a motorbike dude, you won't regret it :D
  18. no way. i used to race for yamaha and honda when i raced enduro's. that statement is completly false. people think that four stroke is the way to go because of some localized bans. they tried restricting 2 strokes locally around here and it failed horribly.

    there is still TONS of R&D going into 2 strokes. they are better now then 15 years ago. my dad likes 4 stroked because he just likes to quietly put through the woods in 1st or 2nd gear. i still think if you gonna get a bike, GET A 2 STROKE! plus they are lighter and easier to handel in the woods then a 4.

    not true at all. we had a news station do a test on that theory. its very easy to flip a quad and be pinned underneath it. with a bike youd just fall off, dump the bike, it would eventually choke its self out. a bike weighs less then a quad.

    personally (saying this as a devoted stoner) riding a bike or a quad baked is a dumbass idea.

    im telling you. ive ridden MANY MANY MANY bikes in my racing days. i raced in the 125, 250, 450 classes. ive ridden alot of quads too. youd be much happier with a bike. 125 is the all around perfect bike for having fun.
  19. Im going to have to say quads. I love quads, they are a blast. Its all about what you perfer. I perfer quads over dirtbikes, because I grew up on them. If your going for Trail Riding, in the woods and what not. I would go either with a TRX450R, or maybe a raptor 660 if your strapped for cash. I don't really like the craptor, I mean raptors personally. Also, I agree that 2-strokes are a dying breed, there is very little R & D by the big companies going into them. There are many different Pro's and Cons, 2-strokes have a snappy Mid-High range power band, but you have to keep in the power band. 4-Strokes have much smoother power and gobs of tourqe. Here's some pics of me on my trx250R and trx450R shreddin' the dunes.

    Jumpin' the 250R


    Riding the side of a Dune on the 450R
  20. I'd take a qp over a dirt bike any day :cool:

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