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Dirtball Hash Operation (sorta haha)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dirtballpothead, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. so i typed up this great long question/story and then it got all fucked up and i'm too lazy to write it all again. but basically through cleaning lots of pipes last night and filtering through a very thin screen i have accumulated a ridiculous amount (tons!) of resin. i was only planning on cleaning my pipes, but after i saw all the resin after i cleaned them i decided it'd be worth keeping. Its also all saturated with 91% isopropyl alcohol. i soaked my glass in the alcohol and then filtered it all through the screen and have a ton of resin/hashy-ish stuff and i want to smoke it. its just smoke that never made it to my lungs. problem is that i used rubbing alcohol to get it out of the glass. i've got it out drying and all the alcohol is evaporating out of it quickly and its drying out pretty nicely. i'm just it safe to smoke now that its been through all the alcohol? my girlfriend thinks i'll like ruin my lungs and probably almost die hahaha but i think after its sufficiently aired and dryed out all the alchohol will have evaporated and i'll be fine. but i thought i'd ask the good people of grasscity what they though. so, seasoned tokers, am i safe to smoke it?
  2. yeah, once it's totally dry it'll be fine.. or no worse than regular resin (never call it hash, ever).
  3. Yes please don't call it hash. For that would be forbidden. But resin will always be resin. Don't get me wrong, I've smoked resin many times when I am out of weed.

    Smoke One!
  4. pics of how much resin u got out of it !!
  5. oh i know its nothing even close to hash, i've smoked good hash a handful of times and its definitely in a world of its own. i was blazed as hell and feeling excited hahaha well its dried out almost entirely, buts its got a weird almost fluffyness to it...fluffy is a terrible word to describe it, its just weird..maybe its just not compact?
  6. yea mon resin and hash are completely different things... hash is a lot better for you and is more practical than resin... resin is that that "goddammit another paycheck to the strippers {:cool:} check now i dont have any money" check for when you cant buy weed. :eek:

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