Dirtay south juggalo rydas in dis bitch

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  1. Whatup grasscity? MANIACKILLA here, chilllin, wake-n-bakin, wit my newports. Just wanted to rep my shit, WHAT UP JUGGALO FAM! WOOP WOOP WIT DA WEED PLANTS! ! ! Everyone down here smokes/and/or/ grows bud, and its all good!

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    sup juggalo. welcome to the city

    theres a few juggalos in here, but they kinda keep quiet. most the ppl here aren't big fans of us.
  3. That suks. Why dosent anyone like us? I'l lay low, I dont give a fuk this info on here is priceless. Yo homie, u got a grow journal on here?
  4. whoop whoop
  5. Ryda since Riddle box. As of right now i've got 57 albums.

  6. They dont like people acting "hard" on here lol

    The internet is where people can complain about the thugs without gettin it.

    Act like you in everyday life on here and youll have every computer geek letting out all their hatred on you that they've been bottling up for years.

    Were here but we lay low..just like outside homie

    Reppin that 210 all over all night
  7. Who is more racist whites or blacks?
  8. What does this have to do with this thread?
  9. You in Atlanta?
  10. nothing just curious?
  11. Damn you sound like quite the charecture...Welcome!

  12. just stoned and was thinking about it. I'm white, from alabama, and not a racist and it seems to me like most black people have a negative attitude towards white people. I mean I guess i can understand if its true.
  13. Since i've been here i've never seen anything racial said or done. Some ignorance and Disrespect, but not blatant racism. I'm white. I got black friends, I got mexican friends (half ahahaha). I do not condone bigotry in anyway, nor do i support it.

    Also, i don't think this would be the place to ask that question...Some people may get offend by it.

    But whatever. :bongin:
  14. True. We are in the chill out zone...You are most wise
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    I try.

    Just noticed your new (kinda) also, Welcome to the city.

    Also, for those who hate on juggalos/lettes, There is no reason to. For the true juggalo doesn't hate. i could understand people hating because it's rap music or whatever, but the message is clear as day... Do good things, led a decent life end up in Shangri-la, or or be bigot, wife-beating drunk and end up in hell. People hate on it because they don't listen. I suppose it human nature.

    Plus they do some funny shit.

    Any one ever hear J's solo Wizard of the hood?
  16. thanks man
  17. naw i don't have a journal right now. but might soon.

    Yea this site is priceless. Everybody even closely interested in growing should check this place out.
  18. I've been meaning to ask you... Whats the deal with that Cashcrate site? legit?
  19. PLEASEEE dont bring that whoop whoop bullshit, Ive heard it at school by a posse called the goddamn BNC "BAILEY NINJA CLAN" and they are claimed they were juggalos, and they used to do that shit all the time, These kids got beat up so many times one kid actually got jumped and put into the hospital, Ive got no problem with you guys being juggalos, But please dont act like your groups are better then others. Also the facepainting thing...Really?
  20. True, Juggalos (as a whole, with a few exceptions) are good people. Dont wana do no harm to nobody, hell we just killed 65 poeple in the last song we sang. We just look different and we are not understood well.

    WIZARD OF THE HOOD ! ! ! Great smoking cd. Highly recommended to any stoner!

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