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Dirt Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FineNight, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Hey, I've been smoking for about a year now and recently I've gotten the absolute worst looking weed that I've ever received from my dealer. Judging from the looks of it, do you think it's dirt weed? 


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  2. That is some dirt ass weed.
  3. But does it get the job done?
  4. No way to tell unless you smoke it.  Ive had some dirt tasting shit b4 but...does it get you high?
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    I have seen way worse. Around here that is the like the middies, the dirt weed is much nastier lookin then that stuff.
    How seedy is it?
  6. No way look at the full pic guys, its just some purple nug and it seems to have a good amount of tricks. Break it open near the stem and shine a bright light on it then tell me again its 'dirt' weed. That's high mids.
  7. Yep, still worked like a charm despite the looks. I guess I was just paranoid because I heard that there was some bad weed going around NJ and this was the first type I've had that was this dark and brown. 
  8. I've smoked worse.
  9. Dude, thats durban poison. Anyone can tell that's durban poison from the pic.
  10. I couldn't really see a bigger pic?
  11.  that looks nasty... what are the dark spots?
  12. looks like a decent nug, just condensed
  13. Looks better than the bud I had yesterday, all faded and shit. But weed can be deceiving, I expected the nug I had to get me buzzed at most, it got me pretty high. Not really high, but it got me a good ~1-1.5hour high.  
  14. what that weed looks pretty good
  15. Its just looks like some commercial mexibrick to me. Quality can vary slightly, but chances of it being anything near top shelf smoke are slim to none.
  16. I've had weed that looked like nasty, it was black, tar looking almost, sticky as hell. It was $150 a 1/4th and I was shorted a gram. But man, I've never had weed that was so strong. It wasn't around long either. I wish it would come back, the guy who grew it was like a chemist or something.
  17. condenced purp tf,.. 
  18. thats purp leaves homie.
    looks pretty good nice crystals on it. just dense. enjoy bro

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