directory of who owns that undeveloped land you want to grow on

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  1. like the title says is there a directory or something that lists all of the property owners in your area so you know who owns the land you're thinking about growing on.
  2. Haha yes indeed I too need this crucial information
  3. It's called a plat book - contains plat maps. It lists the landowners names and shows acreage. Find them at the library and county extension office.

  4. nice thanks! are they available to the public?. how many people do you think go into the county office asking for the plat book haha
  5. Even if this was somehow sketchy, I don't think asking for this info would give anyone a clue about what you were doing. That said this kind of info is used in mundane legalistic and real estate stuff all the time I imagine.
  6. I know list a way to find out more about most properties with homes, not sure how it does on open land but its free and worth a try.
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  7. I've got access to all the property ownership records in the whole country, hit me up.

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