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Director of Oakland canbius club is sentanced to 3 months in jail

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. I just read that on thursday Jeff Jones got sentanced to 3 months (90days) for handing out leaflets in front of a courthouse doing a trial. Most of the weed i get comes from the oakland club , i just hope this dosent affect the club at all since jeff is the director of the club. Personally i think he should have goten probhation instead of any jail time but 3months isnt to bad i guess. Just hope this dosent affect the club at all cause ALOT of seriously sick people out here get their medicine from that club and i would hate to see them have to suffer because of him going to jail. If anyone has any more info to weither or not this will affect people buying their medcine from the oakland club lemme know, i sent them a email but havent gotten a response back yet.
  2. 90 days for handing out a leaflet? He sjhouldn't get any time for that.

    We do have freedom of speach. That shouldn't have been illegal!
  3. yup , well more than one leaflet. A bunch. On the leaflets it told it had writing that told the side of the guy that was currently on trial at the courthouse he was handing them out at. But yeah that seemed kinda harsh to me too and alot of other people , but situations like this only help us better understand on what laws we need to focus on changing. All the people out here in cali that keep getting arrested for medical marijuana related reasons i look at them as like ginnie pigs (spelling?) almost , everytime someone gets arrested it actually makes us stronger cause we learn from our mistakes and are able to make the appropriate changes to make sure it dosent happen again. Im just glad we have people brave enough like jeff jones to put their lives on the line like this , without people like jeff we wouldnt be where we are today in california with medical marijuana thats for sure.
  4. thats bullshit..

    freedom of speech,pfft.. Not when it comes to somthin the government wants to hide.

  5. or destroy... god if our government was a person... i'd kick them right in the balls

  6. HAHAHAHA....I just got the picture of someone kicking Uncle Sam in the nuts...hahhaa
  7. hehe...sounds like a good plan for someones siggie ;P
  8. why does the government want marijuana illegal?
  9. it hurts the paper and cotton they've spent so much money telling us its bad, they'd look like complete asses if they made it legal now
  10. tabocco industry too huh. yea just like the womens and african america rights movments. marijuana rights movement :)
  11. I just think people are uneducated on marijuana , you have to realize most politcians working in the government are older people , they had it pounded in their heads growing up how bad weed was. Thats not something you can just change their mind on overnight , it takes time. Also as far as the mainstream public goes they just listen to what our government says , if weed i illegal they think theres good reason for it they dont look into it they just assume its illegal for a good reason. The main problem is people are just uneducated , but the good thing is even within just the past 5-10 yrs marijuana is becoming more accepted. 10 yrs ago if you told me i would be able to walk into a shop out in the open and purchase marijuana to help with my migranes i woulda told you you were crazy but now thats how i get the majority of my marijuana. So that just goes to show people are starting to accept marijuana more , especially the younger generation and they are the ones that will be making laws for our country in the future so i think thats a good sign.

  12. hehe, strangely i imagine a naked old decrepid man wrapped in an emrican flag and a giant pipe beating him :) i am sometimes too bizare

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