direct light and nirvanas widow

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  1. Theres allot of different answers ive gotten but i was wondering what the community had to say on the matter, currently growing two nirvana w-widow and two nirvana bubbleliscious. The bubble took off like a mad cat, and the widow is slow to the race had em in organic potting soil in 3 gallon pots. after they sprouted, took them and placed in organic seed starter bout 10% in top to give em a good start into the organic potting mix ive made. But as far as light is concerned can i put in direct light even if there onl a week or so old. 20 watt tubes or 60 watt cfl or direct sun light i was told by some this might hurt them do to the fact there still very young. any input on my light situation, or any advise from an experienced widow grower would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. I have put seedlings directly in their 3 gallon pots under a 1000W MH and they just took off like a rocket, under the wattage you are talking about you will be fine. Pending your region right now would be ideal for outside.

    even If there is only one set of leaves light will do nothing but help them grow.
  3. Agreed. Ive started two sets now under a 400w and have a tent of veggies sprouting under a 600w. Unless your trying to save power, or have heat issues, there isnt any reason not to give them as much light as possible.
  4. Have any of you grown any of nirvanas bubbleliscious or w widow. if so how it turn out for ya and any tips on those strains would be very much appreciated.
  5. I personally have been rather unimpressed with everything I have grown from Nirvana. The blue mystic was pretty good, but the couple others that I have grown out have been OK at best. Their W.Widow was above average but far from the best. Though I have seen rave reviews for three of their strains (bubbleicous, aroura indica, and raspberry cough.) Which are in my que but pretty far back on the radar as there are a couple strains out front. What I will say with confidence is their wonder woman strain is garbage IMO. the link below is to a smoke/grow report for two nirvana strains.

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