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  1. when you do em' do you feel an intense sort of rippage/ kind of painish feeling right where your muscles attatch to your sternum? ...or is that just me?

    maybe it's not exactly pain. but all the feeling is centralized by my sternum.
  2. What are dips? I clicked on this thread thinkin it was about like, dips. Ranch dip, sweet chili dip, bbq dip.. pepper mayo dip.. damn there are a lot of good dips out there aye..
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    Lol LRag, dips are when you hold your hands on something adjacant to your hips and you lower your body and push off your hands to rise. They're great for working arms, shoulders, stomach and back muscles but not quite as appealing as bbq dip ;)

    Wenahoane i feel you man, i get the exact same thing and after i do them theres a slight pain above my stomache and bellow my ribs. I don't do them often as i don't really have anywhere to do them easily, and they're pretty fucking hard to do! Can do like 15 max then im ruined.

    I think it'll go away after your body builds muscles required to do dips, just keep doing them daily and i recon your body will get used to it. What build are you?

    Edit, after doing a little research i read that your sternum is likely to pop or click if your chest and arm muscles are relatively stronger than your back, so try to build your back muscles, deadlifts are the best way to build lower back muscles, side bends holding a weight on the hand your bending towards work the side muscles.
  4. I'm six foot four and 207 lbs, so really tall and fairly lean. I'll put on some leg muscle weight this summer from fly-fishing and backpacking all the time. I don't work my legs that much, but they usually get in super good shape during the summer.

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