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Dipping your fingers in bleach...

Discussion in 'General' started by Swish-uh, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Has anybody ever heard of this technique working/not working? I have a drug test coming up and I cannot come up dirty for the world, and I have only been clean since last Monday so I have to assure myself that I am going to pass this test.

    So what your supposed to do is dip your finger(s) in bleach and let it dry, and then when your pissing in the cup, you piss on your finger so the bleach goes into the cup. This is supposed to kill the toxins in your piss or whatever.

    But my question is, wont they know that there was bleach mixed in with my piss? Even if you havent heard of this, some opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. No, you gotta dip your cock in bleach for it to work.

    JK, BONGZILLA420 does not reccomend dipping your cock in bleach.
  3. ^ Lmao at that, i read the first part i was like..."that doesnt sound right..haha"
  4. fuck that shit dont piss on your hands man thats disgusting

  5. lol....if only you knew what was in that ice that is coming down the ice dispenser at your local micky ds. lmao

  6. If it will help me pass a drug test Im not gonna think twice about it. Not to mention there is a sink right next to the toilet.
  7. They test for that too . drink lots of water the day u go, and ur good.. like 8 glass. make sure u do it early in the day, evenm i f u gotta wake up early
  8. thats fucking grose i would never piss on my finger
  9. it wont help ya mang. sorry.

  10. Thanks for the decent reply, +rep. But I might get tested as early as Saturday, and I have been smoking pretty heavily prior to stopping, do you think I will be clean by Saturday. I have my doubts.
  11. that wouldnt work lol
  12. theres a post in city about a detox pill called azo standard i think. apparently it works in a day or too. search for azo standard and see what comes up, and good luck
  13. As far as my knowledge goes, what was said about waking up earlier is totally wrong. when you sleep, all the toxins like settle or something. the point is, the first time you piss in the morning is heaviest than any other time. pee later in the day, and try to get the sample from the middle of the stream, first in the toilet, then in the cup, then finish in the toilet. Also, there is a detox drink readily available called STAT ROYAL FLUSH, google it. I've never used it but I have heard it works winders, you drink it an hour before the test, piss a bunch before it, then take it and its supposed to toally clean you out. by the way, there is an entire 20 page thread about this check it out on the search.
  14. LMAO.. i heard all about that.. how the bathroom of ur mickey d's is more cleaner than that of the ice.. after i heard that, there was no more buying ice from fast food joints
  15. try to get some clean piss from a friend that you trust, and tape it to your leg to keep it warm. thats what i have to do, if i took a detox drink, i would shit myself to death before i ever got to the clinic..... DAMN CRONES DISEASE!!! why must it run my life?
  16. just flood your system
  17. u can drink a fuckload of water, or get someone else to piss in a bag or something, but like keep it between ur legs and keep it warm, or they will know because the piss will be cold.
  18. There is a drink you can buy at GNC. Its red and looks like cough syrup and its in a bigass bottle. It costs about $54, but my buddy bought it after blazing everyday for months (including the night before the test). He drank the whole thing about 20 minutes before his drug test and passed it just fine.
  19. wats this drink called

  20. I think it was called Strip or something like that.

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