Dipping the Pen In the Company Ink

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  1. Whats going on blades? So recently I've been shoving my pen in some company Ink...
    To make a long story short i've been drinking with a couple of co workers which one of whom who im cool with really likes the other co worker but nothing will happen between them. Anyways so we've just been chillin and bullshitting and one night my friend leaves early, leaving me and my other co worker at her house with 18 bottles of Shiner Bock to split!
    I dont think I have to go spoon feed it to y'all that we bumped uglies later that night...at first I really liked it, she was really chill and really interesting. I did feel bad about my friend becuase he really liked her but it was well known she wouldnt give him a chance. So we fucked a couple more times after on seperate occasions.
    It wasnt awkward at work and she was always nice and smiliey around me, but then things took a turn for the worst. She is a very depressed girl and apparently i made her reallyyy happy and she got really clingy. I didnt want a relationship and i didnt expect this at all from her but she would write love letters and mail them to my house! She got this idea in her head that we were a "thing" and i felt bad becuase she was really a nice girl but i just wasnt interested in her like that. I told her the truth about how i felt and she was glad i was honest but now its been really awkward around her at work and I heard from my friend that she hasnt been acting the same.
    I later told my assistant manager about what happened becuase me and him are tight like that. Anyways i found out he fucked her too!! We both shared a hystarical luagh and talked about our sexual experince with her. We both came to the same conclusion that she wasnt good and her hairy ass vagina made it difficult to cum because of how weird it felt! Even though she was cute and had some cute ass nipple piercings her pubes made it uncomfortable. My assistant manager said it felt like a wet sock so many lulz were had till this day.
    Now theres this other girl that obviously wants to fuck one of us if not both! Im just hoping it doesnt end up being like the last girl. So besides my little story i have to ask the wise people of GC what you would do in this situation? Do you get around at work or does it just always end badly for you? Any interesting stories you care to share? Im interested in reading any stories you rascals have!

  2. I wish I had some better advice to give but all I can say is just act professional at work. I'm going through the exact same thing:wacko:
  3. haha I feel ya, i do my best to keep this shit on the DL but damn...some of these girls are cute as hell and thirsty! My assistant and I actually have a unspoken race to get with some of them, hes doesnt stand a chance lol. Anyway, care to share your story bro?
  4.  Bros before H.... fuck it.  It's every man for himself.  
  5. This is the thing. 
    Chicks get emotional about sex. 
    Did you tell her from the get go that you didn't want a relationship?  Guys seriously, if you want nothing but sex....TELL US!  Some women (raises hand) can deal with that and shut off their emotions......some women can't. 
  6. And, i still stand by the rule of not fucking co-workers.  yes, it sucks sometimes because there have been plenty that i've wanted to but i restrain myself for my own sanity. 
  7. this thread has me laughing hard lmfao
  8. I'm currently talking to someone at work but she has a boyfriend. I know that sounds horrible. But if she was single there's a good chance I'd try and get with her. I know she has a crush on me too. Part of me is saying no way even if she was single. I don't need drama at work. But it's def not gonna happen while she's with someone. I won't stoop that low.

  9. your assistant manager fucked her too. i LOLed.
  10. The boss hit it in the bhole I bet...?
    They hired this chick to bang all the guys, this is awesome
  11. First off I don't care if you call me bro but I'm a female lol:p

    Well there's this girl I met through work and we became best buds instantly. I started getting feelings so I let it be known but she started dating someone 2 days later. Our friendship stayed the same but my feelings didn't. I hung out with this girl constantly which probably wasn't the smartest idea but hindsights 20/20
    One night we had been drinking pretty heavily and we ended up hooking up. That was my breaking point I decided it was time for me to leave her alone and of course she continued to pretend like nothing ever happened.
    There was never any awkwardness at work but we both work full time so it's pretty hard to see her so much and get over her. I know she's leading me on but I am most definitely feeling her lol. Sorry for the long post
  12. At least you get the option of poking that quill into some sludge. I work at a bookstore and everyone else is 40+, but they're all cool to hang out with. The only bitchy coworker I have is also the only one not in a relationship.

    Fucked up. Good story though :smoke:
    Psh, this is the real world. Over 90 percent of the time that kind of honesty would end up in an awkward boner and an angry girl who will never talk to you again.
  14. i work construction... i have no ink to dip my pen :(
    I pretty much don't sleep with a guy without establishing these boundaries outright.
    But usually I'm the one saying, I only want sex or, I want more. :laughing:
    I think it's unfair to lead a girl on to get her to sleep with her, but not addressing the issue beforehand is kind of... well, gets you into situations like OP with clinger-Sue. 
    Sleep with whomever you want to sleep with unless your place of business has specific rules against it (which it appears not to) but I think it's ok to tell a girl, look, "I really like you, but I'm not looking for a relationship, so if you don't want to do this, I understand," and leave it at that. Maybe you're not going to get it in as often, but  I think it's the right thing to do. 
    I don't know how old you or these girls are, though, which definitely impacts the potential outcomes...
    IDK. Best of luck!
    Why? Because all women want a relationship?  News flash:  There are plenty of women in this world who would be perfectly willing to make a FWB agreement if you talk to them about it first.  Yeah, if you're gonna act like you want a relationship just to get people in the sack then tell them you want nothing but sex of course it's going to cause issues.  
    That kind of conversation should never exist because it never ends up being that way in the end. When I have had FWB it was an implied relationship that never needed any kind of discourse attached to it. And the times I did have that conversation, the girl still got upset at me in the end because her feelings were more than just sexual.
    Some things are better left unsaid.
  18. I wouldn't care as long as it doesn't fuck up your career
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    No, he went in the pink too. He almost shit his pants from laughter when I told him I ate her out too(I was too drunk to care about the pubes)...lol the funny thing is that she always says she not promiscuous, but this shit happens. She's a secret hoe

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