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dippin strong!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ismokepurple, May 6, 2011.

  1. Do any other stoner mugs out there like to post up with a swole dip in.. that shit is so on a hunned chillin with a fat. Grizz in yo lip.. stand up if u love you some dippin tabbacco my nigg!!
  2. What do you enjoy about chew?

    I know a few people over the years who have done it but it just seems so unappealing.

    I've smoked cigs for 6 years and don't get chew.

    Nasty brown tobacco juice dripping from your lip...

    I don't know maybe I'm just not seeing it.
  3. ya, chew away there skippy...

    [​IMG] you'll enjoy it a lot later too...:eek:
  4. i dipped once. shits nasty
  5. I love dip...but I wouldn't smoke with one in...

    and to the guy above..


    That's what happens when you smoke up
  6. Wow, I think the op has to be like the least white person in the world that dips..

  7. That's got to be the most nastiest gross looking pic I ever saw.
  8. Dippin puts hair on your chest!!!
  9. dipping taste nasty
  10. I used to dip, I quit though and I love it so do the ladies... They think that stuff is very unappealing.
  11. I like a little Redman every once in a blue moon
  12. Just ripped my bong and am now enjoying a nice fat dip of Grizz Green LC :)

    I agree it is nasty and unappealing but it is an addiction I'm not ready to quit yet lol
  13. hell ya man cope straight
  14. nah, i smoke cigarettes but fuck dip yo
  15. Dipping is fucking gross and dumb. I love how ppl think theyre badass by "throwin a hoggy in"
  16. #17 Sweetleaftoker, May 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Youre on this forum. You smoke too.
  17. I don't chew very often, but I like Skoal xtra a lot.
  18. Ive had more then 5 people in my close fmaily die in the last 2 years because of thank you ill pass
  19. dip is nasty, putting chemically treated shit on your gums and sucking on it
    but of course its your choice
    stick with the wonderful green erb

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