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Dippers, a question

Discussion in 'General' started by respyshunt, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. any fellow tobacco dippers out there. My lip is feeling raw and wrinkly, normal for dipping alot?
  2. Mine used to do the same thing when I dipped so Im guessing its normal. Move spots, like if you dip in the front try switching to the side for a while.
  3. I used to dip for 5 years. It fucked my teeth up sooo bad. But yea the wrinkles in the gums will happen. Try movin ur dip around. The wrinkles went away for me tho...
  4. It's normal.

    Been dippin for 7-8 years :cool:
  5. copenhagen snuff

  6. Of course, nothing better
  7. its funny u say copenhagen snuff. i just got my first tin of cope wintergreen ever. im liking it so far. i normally enjoy the fruitier skoal flavors and a grizz every once in a while.
  8. bleh snuff is nasty. Sorry guys, i tried but that shit is WAY too messy.

    BTW i HIGHLY recommend the new camel dip. They have a wintergreen wide cut, a little bigger than long cut, packs GREAT and is flavorful for a long ass time. They have a dark milled, which is snuff. I tried it, can't do it. And they have wintergreen pounces. It's made by american snuff same guys who make grizzly.

    on topic though, yes its completely normal.

    p.s. if you guys havent tried copenhagen natural, i recommend that too. Very nice, natural flavor. It's long cut though, so yall snuff dippers...sorry
  9. I used to do Grizzly wintergreen for... about 4 months off and on.

    My bottom inner lip would get wrinkly and I started to shed bits of white skin ( the outer layer) :eek:

    After I went through that for about 2 weeks, I was just like fuck it.

    Once your gums receed they DO NOT grow back, I'd rather find a nice buzz somewhere else using something that my body can at least recover from.

    The lungs of a cigarette smoker are said to be able to recuperate within months/years of stopping smoking, doesn't mean they are good for you but at least there is room to recover.

    I have to admit, a nice BIG dip would chill me the fuck out and felt REALLY good :smoking:

    Not to mention it would relax my muscles and make me wanna take a shit haha
  10. i used to dip grizzly longcut wintergreen too. i think i heard somewhere that it has more nicotine in it than most dip or something like that. which causes it to fuck up ur mouth easier
  11. pretty soon it doesnt do shit for you lol its just a good feeling to have a chew in. I still love the fuck out of it tho:D
  12. Been dipping for about a year and a half now. Wish I could fucking quit :l
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  13. Copenhagen long cut southern blend
  14. I have used snuff for 26 years. It has completely ruined my teeth. I will be getting dentures next month.
  15. 11AF4C80-0A20-4409-A364-8DBD6D631CE6.jpeg
    Copenhagen’s for bitches.
  16. You people are nicotine addicts. I dipped, chewed and spit my arse off for 40 years before realizing what a total waste of time, money and good health it is. Sometimes we'd be slogging around with a chew of Redman in both cheeks and Cope in the lip back in the day when me and a bud worked at a local lumber yard.

    But I quit for good about 5 years ago. Probably lucky to still be alive.
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  18. Im clean from tobacco now for almost 5 months and i dipped more then half my 30 and dipped 16 years bad. What you are experiencing is normal. When i quit dipping though everything became abnormal

    I had 0 issues quitting after day 3 it was as easy as checking my phone almost. I guess my mind and body was just ready to quit

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