Dipped weed please help

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  1. Hello to you all. This is my first post.So i have been reading GC for quite a long time but only recentlyturned 18 so i decided to make an account.

    I had my weed dipped....No really i have it happened a while back.My 'boy' who is quite a lot older than me decided one day it would be funny to dip my weed in a drug.now he never addmited it but im sure he did. One day we was just chilling as we always did and he pulled out a fat joint.I smoked it ant at first it was allright but after about half hour my heart started beating rapid and i got the biggest headrush ever.Its ahrd to describe but it was like a 'rage' feeling and i couldnt stap shaking.I was walking around in circles for bout 6-7 hours.The next day i confronted him and he denied it.The fucked up thing is my auntie bought a joint of him about a month before that and it really fucked her up. At the time i tought it was becouse she was a lighthead and she also took antidepresants.But after my laced joint i did my researh and i found out that speed matches the description and it can be lethal when combined with antideprestants.I havnt smoked weed since becouse i get parranoied it will happen again.The question what should i do about it and also how i can stop being parranoied? Thx for help
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    Dafuq did I just read...
  3. Confront his ass and tell him what you felt, and how he did that to your aunt and the how fucked up what he did was. Then either pressure him to confess and apologize or forget about it. Also, don't hangout with pricks like this and find yourself a new dealer, one who will smoke with you so you can see what your buying
  4. sorry english isnt my first language and also i did confront him but he seems to take it like a joke and denies it
  5. you smoked good weed, case closed...next!
  6. No it wasnt good weed i smoked good weed before good weed dont make u walk around in circles at 3 fuckin am
  7. Feel free to deep into my pipe...MILK IT!!!!
  8. ok he dipped your weed in liquid meth.
  9. Yh this seems quite possible

  10. ...Your first post on GC, shoulda been your last.
  11. :confused:Why lol
  12. So... was it your boyfriend who dipped your weed in liquid (energizing unmentionable)? Also informing family and other people who can be extraordinarily negatively affected by these drug cigarettes would be ideal.

    lol wut?
  13. @Op if thats true that guy doesnt sound like much of a friend whatsoever drop him as a friend and find a reliable source that wont try and harm or hurt you.
  14. Eeerm im a male and he dipped my aunts weed before he dipped mine so there is no way i could have known espetialy that i have chilled with him for quite a long time
  15. Your slowly dying, i give you another 70 years just like everyone else.
  16. Btw boy means friend where im from

  17. you have a boy friend?

  18. Sounds like a good time.

  19. I know :eek:
  20. i hate it when they dip my shit in stupid juice..

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