DIPPED Super seal!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by euphora, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. Warning to all smokers, if for any reason your dealer or anyone you get your weed from trys to sell you dipped super seal, STAY AWAY FROM IT.
    I got some for a taster.
    The person gave it to me and said that he had got it from the dam but wasn't to keen on smoking it as he dosnt smoke at all, so i had ago.
    The Skunkish smell was strong but it had a tinney smell with it as well.
    The stuff was dipped in a LSD compound, at first it was top i was high as a seagull but as tripped out as a man falling off a cliff, it got worse i started to trip out realy bad and started dancing round the room WITH A GUTTING KNIFE, from what i was told i was stabbing the hell out of my misiz highly collectable care bears which she has had for over 15 years, then i started throwing stuff out of the window and then i started to come on to my misiz mate (Bear in mind she is a Sexy little thing and i wouldnt have needed the acid to come on to her) in front of the misiz.
    I woke up in the shed very cold very hungrey and a stonking brain strain.

    So watchout it could be the next lot of herb you buy.;)
  2. That wasn't LSD on your smoke, I don't know what it was but it wasn't LSD.
  3. What ever it was it wasnt nice.
    Someone said to me it could have been Rohipnol.

  4. Nah, thats the date rape drug. It would just make you pass out. It might have been PCP. That shit is a strong upper and can cause you to trip out and act crazy like that. Sometimes coke could have a tinny smell and taste.

    Me personally, I would never buy anything that has the word "dipped" in it. The only thing I want my green dipped in is cloning solution after they are snipped from their mom. lol
  5. PCP sounds right to me....

    when I smoked PCP laced weed all the people on the posters in my room came out of the posters and started playing a concert, then they all melted. :)
  6. Probably was PCP... LSD would be destroyed by the heat far too quickly to be smoked...

  7. i'd also go for anything dipped in honey oil. *chris rock voice* aint nuttin wrong with that.
  8. The person told you it was called 'dipped super seal' and you didn't think that anything was weird? Obviously 'dipped' means 'laced'. And I agree that is was probably PCP, not LSD.
  9. From what i was hopeing it was dipped in maybe zero/zero

    (For the ones who dont know what zero/zero is, it comes in a small bottle which contains Liquidised resin, you dip you fags in it and smoke away.)

  10. zero/zero, eh? Never heard of that. People actually deal that stuff? Is it just like hash oil or something?

  11. Yeah, sounds like hash oil to me.
  12. Yer i think so. its like tar but a bit runneyer stinks of hash.
    Thats what i thought was on this weed, i woz wrong as you know.

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