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  1. is fucking wierd i've been hearing voices in my head but they're not really there! i only took 400mg too.
  2. I've heard that shit is crazy.
  3. +rep for being all about DXM...hahaha.
  4. yup i took like 700 mgs and had to drink charcol for talking to my friend when he wasnt here then i seen jesus talking to my dog about how does dog food taste

  5. This isnt DXM were talking about.
  6. dxm? huh? oh the name! o.0 sneaky bastard.
  7. Yeah I took 600 mg and the first time I did it I saw spiders on my hands. I could feel and see the spiders very vividly. What was scary shit was I couldn't get them off me!!!! ahhh. yeah then I tired to stand up and a hand came through my carpet and held me there. I heard voices calling my name from all different directions then somehow i wound up in bed

    The second time I tripped was just ridiculous. As soon as the effects began to work its way up, my friend called me asking for some comfort. I tried as hard as I could to listen to her, but through the phone it sounded as if she were talking to me from the end of a long, dark, wet tunnel. I told her I couldn't talk on the phone. I was sorry, but I couldn't talk. Once I got off the phone I blacked out and could only focus on my breathing which was shallow (I was falling asleep its natural, right?) I saw my family hovering over me saying something. The only thing I could make out from their voices was "Wow. I can't believe he did that. Wow. He's really gone now. Why was he that stupid to overdose." Scared the shit outta me. psh of course after the trip I didnt touch OTC shit for then on.

    It's a completely different experience than acid. It's way more delusional. I saw, heard, smelt, tasted, and felt shit that was not there. Where as acid just distorts whatever really is there.

    Hope you got something out of that shit. I know I did. Peace
  8. I've tried it a few times

    the most intense trip had me seeing worms crawling out of the woodwork in vivid detail for hours I then started fucking with my computer only to trip what was happening on screen completely all sorts of rpc call errors and shit that weren't in any logs the next morning that slowly melted into personal messages in popup error boxes neo style

    needless to say you can't trip harder then having your pc do a fucking matrix on you in such a way that seems completely real to your dramamined mind

    funny how the name says it all...you bored get some dramamine and make friends with your sockdrawer
  9. It scares me...my dad came into my room and yelled at me for like 5 minutes then dissapeared. Also I spent the entire night trying to get dissapearing lighters off my bed.
  10. ^ I kept putting the massive (13 total) pile of home theater remotes on their respective units for about an hour before I realized they were already there

    it can be fun but rarely if you're in a good mood and enjoy day dreaming for real locked safely away in your home free of dangers or distractions

    when the maggots crawling out of your monitor start doing the robot you'll know you've hit the fun point in your trip

    have waterjoe and caffeine pills on hand to keep you up...asthma inhaler sudafed if you have small nasal passages or any other nasal decongestant tha tworks for you

  11. Hahahahahaha.
  12. ^ it'll happen and you'll have fun with them

    everything has a freaky alien gel like coating that is almost like a living moving mass which end up melting off stuff into ghost like swooping masses that you can touch in midair

    taking dramamine with mdma is a fucking blast...kicks the sleep problem with dramamine as well as breathing and busts out the euphoria

    add melting moving dancing globs of light and music...thats like the perfect lsd trip grounded with intense visuals without the added stress 2cb and other mdma like drugs mixed would bring
  13. where in the FUCK can i get some of this shit lol
  14. wow is that stuff really just benadryl? Can you get it from like grocery stores?
  15. Correct me if Im wrong but what they are talking about is the motion sickness pill dramamine
  16. You're wrong :D

    It comes in Benadryl and Tylenol, but some of the pills it comes in have other active ingriedients that are lethal in high doses (like DXM).
  17. what is the exact thing i should go buy? im on my way now lol. i wanna try this. and i wanna do 400 mgs, and NOT get sick. how?
  18. wow im gonna give that stuff a try sometime, any horrible health effects i should know about?

  19. That exact box of benadryl, light pink on white, they're the ones with ONLY diphenhydramine inside. 25mgs in each capsule, I would recommend taking 250-300mgs, 10-12 pills because you never know how itll affect you, and 400 is a strong dose according to erowid.

    Read all the experience reports on erowid pleez.

    And nush, according to experiences i've read about it, its not always a "fun" drug, you wont be able to discern what your hallucinating from what is real, it can be scary, always have a sober sitter.

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