Dionysus appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Life is Limbo, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I have been reading many books on the greek history and Dionysus has fascinated me, so here it is. I made an appreciation thread for him, almighty God of Intoxication and Cultivation. Traveled around this earth teaching people the are of Whine making and being that he was born of mortal and olympian blood, he is the most sympathetic of the Gods. He stands for what is all great with man and what is wrong with man, he truely is a God of man. Make you next bowl in tribute of almighty Dionysus.

  2. I'll gladly roast to any Greek God...I owe much of the way I view the world today to Greek Mythology (though not limited to Greek Mythology)

    Another favorite of mine is the Titan, Prometheus
  3. dude. i can see him in the next god of war. hah
    not trying to disrespect, but to me, "dionysus" is just very silly.
  4. sure, he's a fun god, what with all the drink and growing thing. I can dig it. :smoke:
  5. I just smoked a bowl for him.

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