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  1. Does anyone here besides me ever watch those dinosaur shows on the Discovery channels? They are so fucking awesome, sometimes when I'm watching I'll like forget and start believing all that stuff, it's crazy!:eek:

    Edit: I'll believe like I'm really there. I believe that dinosaurs exist and all that, just wanted to clarify.
  2. Yes, i have seen all the episodes and no, i don`t belive dinosaurs exist. Dude, take a tolerance brake or something.
    Watch KING KONG when high.
  3. YEA i love those shows those are so sick. I always get scared of them when im high lol.
  4. I don't have cable, but I could get into those shows. When I'm high I like to watch a lot of the nature programs on PBS, especially NOVA. You can get caught up in that trip and learn something while you're at it, too.
  5. how can you not beleive in dinosaurs? They have fossil evidence. That's like not beleiving the sun is real. It's there, it's science.

    And yes, i do watch the dinosaur shows on the discovery channel. They are amazing, especially when you know exactly what they were talking about. Sorry i get a little too excited sometimes

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  6. Dinosaurs are for white people.

    This post was useless and racial. Refrain from posting like this in the future, please. *RMJL
  7. What's that supposed to mean.... *Insert your race here* are a bunch of faggots.

    :smoke: Dumb ass

    No name-calling no matter what! *RMJL

  8. you're very ignorant. another immature poster on the board.

    back on subject: i totally forgot about this show! it'd be amazing watching it high, since it sort of warps you into that world. shitt
  9. Back on subject, thoose shows are awesome. I also like the one where they journey to another planet, and talk about all the lifeforms on this wierd planet. It was very trippy shit.
  10. You guys lose. I was trying to be funny. Make a haha. I never expected you sensetitive little girls to take offense to something so small.


    Name-calling doesn't float here. The Blades of the City don't tolerate things that lean to the racial side as your post did. Granted, they should have refrained from name-calling, as well. To some people, things are small...to others, they aren't. That's why we try to have mutual respect for everyone here. *RMJL
  11. Whatever, a Joke? How is that funny at all. Whats the humor in that phrase? Enlighten me. Nevermind man, don't bother. Last thing I want to do is start an argument over some stupid comment. Last thing the city needs is more non-sense. Just drop it, I'm gonna go smoke a bowl.
  12. great great shows. discovery channel is by far the best thing on television in my opinion.

    before the dinosaurs is pretty cool too.
  13. Many people reported this thread due to the racial stuff and name-calling. Everything has been addressed. Let's jump back onto the topic of dinosaurs, people!!! :)
  14. How does a racial argument start in a thread about dinosaurs? That's the last place I expected this to go when I turned in last night. And yeah fAKdded, I completely forgot about those alien ones, those are insane, scientists have really good imaginations apparently. Oh man, do ya'll remember the ones where they go forward in evolution and show what it will be like when humans are gone? Those are really wierd to think about.
  15. I love the Discovery Channel and those dinosaur shows. I remember seeing one where it showed how dinosaurs evolved from little lizards to controlling the planet. It's so interesting finding out how everything came to be.
  16. I love the Discovery Channel. Well, sometimes. I don't always enjoy turning to the channel and seeing a pair of silverback gorillas getting nasty. Not my idea of good breakfast tv.

    The dinosaur specials rock though, and I kinda want to see their "Aliens" special. Somehow (don't ask me how) they've compiled whatever info they have on aliens and came up with what they think they will look like.

    "We always thought they would come in saucers
    We thought they would demand to see our leaders
    We were wrong."
    (image of a pig-like creature charging the screen)

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