Dinosaur Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by TheFxckingHero, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. For all of those who appreciate and/or enjoy dinosaurs

    Ever get stoned and sit and watch a show on the discovery channel about dinosaurs?

    I know you have... you're lying if you haven't... ;)
  2. whats a dinosaur?
  3. i was hoping that this would be about the old tv show "the dinosaurs" but alas i am disappointed.
  4. dude i love watching the old dinosours shows...i love em
  5. Um, I don't have cable, but yes I have watched shows on tv about dino's. Kinda cool I guess. :confused: JOE>
  6. I live like 30 min from a dinosaur museum... in Drumheller Alberta.. It rocks!
  7. hell yes! dinosaurs are the shit. so is the show. NOT THE MAMMA!!!! hahaha
    remember when jurassic park came out? man seein the commercial for that as a little kid really blows your mind man, its like whoa, those dinosaurs are fucking real. yeah dinosaurs kick ass. all of them.
  8. I remember that show. I saw a commercial on tv a few days ago about their dvd's
  9. yeah if i wasn't too busy spending my money on drugs i'd totally get it.
  10. hahaha I appreciate the show too! I used to watch it all the time as a kid... great show! :D
  11. i like the brontosaurus,just walkin around eating leaves all day.bet they liked canabis even if they had to reach those long necks down to get em.
  12. that show on the discovery channel was niceeee
  13. Yeah, man! Dinos are the shit! I read an article last week that said they found evidince of mini dinos! Little dinos like the size of dino on the flintstones :D
  14. Are you talking about those fake bones the devil put in the earth to fool people into disbeleiving the one and true holy God?
  15. Yes... THOSE bones. From the "fictional" dinosaurs. ;)
  16. Dinosaurs are preeettyy damn cool things...i LOVE land before time! hehe
    but heres what I've always wondered, on discovery when they show computer graphic dinosaurs..how do they know what colour they were? I mean all their skin would have biodegraded (is that a word?)...So did they just guess? Coz if they have no real way of knowing, I believe dinosaurs were bright pink, purple, green and blue.

  17. I beleive they were all invisible, so they frequently bumped into each other, thats why the big ones are so grumpy.
  18. they dont know what color they were and they say that. there just puttin in what they think the colors were based on the area and other stuff.

    the land before time----favorite kids movie.
  19. Um no, I haven't.
  20. wow..it would suck being a cave man or a little dinosaur... seeing your buddy randomly just get squished right next to you, and at first not knowing why..and then not knowing where to run to coz you can't even seen what your runing from...

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