Dinner with Bill Nye and Jim Bell

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  1. Sup GC!

    So earlier today I had the awesome pleasure of being able to meet Bill Nye in person, along with Jim Bell. It was quite an extraordinary dinner, filled with intelligent discussions about the new Mars Rover, future space missions, and general banter. Never thought I would get this chance, but I actually did XD

    Bill Nye is a fucking cool dude! Really awesome guy with a great personality, really funny as well.

    As for Jim Bell, really cool as well. A semi quiet person, but very intelligent and filled with wisdom. One of the smartest people on the planet.

    Proof is in the attachment.

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  2. Bill Nye the science guy
  3. Bill bill bill bill bill bill bill bill
  4. Science rules XD
  5. grew up watchin this dude in school, pretty much throughout all 12 grades xD

    good stuff
  6. I always wondered but did he cuss?
  7. Dude he is awesome
  8. You.... You... You ate lunch with bill nye the science guy?????!?!? :0 dude that's one of the coolest fucking things I have ever herd in my entire life. Dude. DUDE. Gahhh!!!
  9. I'da offered to smoke Bill up :smoking:
  10. for real though i'm jelly

    i got super baked and watched a few bill nye episodes the other day, prepping myself for the mars rover landing on sunday
  11. [quote name='"SmokeyH"']I'da offered to smoke Bill up :smoking:[/quote]

    No doubt. Lol. Make science raps with him and shit.

  12. I really doubt it, he didn't seem like that type of person.
    Maybe when he's not in public, I mean he wouldn't really want to be caught saying fuck, bitch, shit, etc... in public.

    If you want to be TECHNICAL, I ate dinner with him :p
    But yea, it was fucking rad; The last thing I would ever expect.

    Haha XD

    Yea it should be quite the event, I get to go to a ton of lectures tomorrow by people who funded, run, and are in charge of the mission so it should be pretty fucking rad.

    Going to be there for the landing as well with some of the top scientists involved, hopefully shit doesn't get fucked up!
  13. if it crashes i'm probably gonna cry lol

  14. I would too man, it seems like such an epic mission, plus the whole landing concept is out of this world. I was talking with Jim Bell, and he said based on computer simulations they ran, the success rate for landing is 98%, +/- 1-3%
  15. Does bill smoke n toke
  16. man shit i didn't know it was that high i thought it was risky as hell, but that sky crane shit is so epic lol and apparently they're gonna stream it on xbox live :smoke:
  17. That's fuckin awsome man

  18. Not a clue, and I would never ask him that.

    But don't forget, that's just based on computer simulations. They don't have a full, 100% representation of what the conditions are like on mars, they can only conduct computer sims based on the data they have

    That's fucking dope though, XBL ftw XD
  19. if you think about it it's gonna be epic either way lolol but it would obviously be dope as hell if it landed

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