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  1. I do this a lot after getting the munchies, at first i was kinda self-concious about it but then i realized people are self-centered about their own table to pay any attention to me sitting alone with a smirk on my face for no reason if they haveb't even brought the food out to me yet. Does anyone else enjoy dining alone?
  2. I've done it ..... Have some food my drink and my phone ........ Not many times but I don't care either way
  3. Once I went to ihop alone on a Sunday when I was too lazy to make breakfast. I felt kindof awkward since they didn't have a bar to sit at but the food was good so I didn't really care.
  4. Who gives a bloody shit, bring the tablet use the wifi eat a dinner or whatever time it is relax...

    Alone time is great.
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    I did it once. Was a little weird I guess. The hostess actually said, "Can I help you?" in a kinda weird tone, like I guess she was expecting I was just going to the bar and not trying to get a table by myself.

    I'd do it again, maybe bring a paper with or something to occupy myself with. I think I'd feel uncomfortable doing so in a fancy restaurant though.

    Edit: fuck it, i'll do it. there's a place by me that has AMAZING breakfast meals, but I haven't gone there in forever since I don't want to go alone. but that's stupid. next time i have a day off, i'll bring the paper or a book with, and get some damn good breakfast. :)
  6. Never done it personally. I've seen people but they just occupy themselves by being on their phones and shit. Not my style honestly.
  7. ive done it many times. many of which i just wanted a meal and some alone time, nothing else, and in all honesty, i liked it. great way to enjoy food and be on your own alone with your thoughts. what i do not like about it is all the weird looks you get from people. who in reality should be minding their own fucking business. one plasticy materialistic bitch even had the gaul to look at me and say something snarky and sarcastic about me eating alone. my reply made everyone in the general area of the restaurant laugh and give her dirty look. she looked shocked and horrified that someone called her out.
  8. Eating with people is cool, but eating with myself is also cool. My main goal of eating food is to feed my hungry body, not to be seen by people and gain social points.
  9. what was said?

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