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dingo's guide to not getting caught smoking in the house

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dingo333, Jan 21, 2012.

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    let me start of by saying if you're going to be that fucked about smoking in the house, don't. moving on...
    over the years of smoking in the house i've learned some tips that have helped me so i figured i'd take the few minutes to share them as well. some of this stuff is pretty common sense, but some people lack that, so i'll put in the common sense ones as well.
    1.) sploof - one of the easiest ways helping to hide the smell
    2.) either get an fan that goes in the window or put one right next to it.
    3.) get a vape - the smell of vaped weed isn't quite as a blatant as combusted weed. also if you're like me and have a room directly next to that of your parents its nice not having to worry about the sound of the lighter possibly tipping them off.
    4.) when you have wind blowing towards the window you're trying to blow you're smoke out of, open it about 6 inches at the bottom and 3 at the top, exhale out the top of the window and it shouldn't blow back in as much (this seems to do the trick every time for me, not sure how the aerodynamics will differ for different houses)
    5.) experiment with opening different windows to get proper circulation throughout the smoking room
    6.) can of odor neutralizer - will save you alot of trouble, especially if you need to cover up the smell quick
    7.) fold a towel in half and place the folded side towards the door, put something flat like a ruler to push the towel underneath the door about halfway to get a better seal. (although be sure not to push it so far as to not have the towel coming out the other side of the door)
    also consider if you're leaving a light on in your room at night while smoking, someone may notice the lack of light coming from around the bottom of the door versus the sides and top (unlikely, but something to consider)
    8.) smoke in the bathroom before shower, window open if you can and fan on, it will also give you an excuse to leave the fan on for a while, while you shower, and it gives you some time to air it out before anyone will be coming in.
    9.) also when using a fan, be sure to leave your smoking apparatus near the fan when not hitting it so any smoke from a cherried bowl or lit joint/blunt goes right out the window

    feel free to contribute any tips, bitch about how dumb mine are, or do whatever's going to make you're day even just a little bit better.
  2. It seems like you hit pretty much all the bases.. I just don't feel right blazing inside the house while im living with other people, sketches me out.
  3. wrap your sploof in a couple of towels or old clothes, it helps contain the smoke. also smoke in your closet that way your closet stinks but the rest of your doesnt as much
  4. 1 thing to add about the shower. Pipes are ideal but if you want to get ripped a gravity bong will also do. When taking a shower turn the hot water all the way up and 0 cold water should be running, making it a steam shower (or Jamaican shower if that's what you call it).

    I have a ledge in my bathroom along with a small trash can. I just have a pre-made GBONG bottle that I use. When you're done air leave the fan on and get ready and when you walk out just cover the bottle with your towel.

    Hope this helps lol.

    EDIT: Oh and EYE DROPS.
  5. nice thread man +rep

    oh and just to add, using a paper roll thing to exhale out the window is a good idea too
  6. Man, I just smoke outside now. It's not worth it indoors...

    Anyway, try and leave all your weed and paraphernalia in a glass jar, under some clothes.
  7. I so do the bathroom vape sesh every once in awhile lol
  8. Some good tips.. I smoke in my room which is in an apartment.. very corner of the house far away from my apartment door.. I put a towel under the door out there and burn incense in the living room with the fan and have an air freshener..
    In my room I always air it out as much as possible... just open the window turn on my fan for a while..
  9. Get a hempwick if you can, light a candle and just light your bowls with that. No noise from the lighter anymore :p

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