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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. ooo, they smell yummy! chocolate chip cookies with a lil extra kick added to em ;)

    5 grams of awesome bud, 12 cookies. they should be pretty good. they look and smell awesome! just put em back in for a few more minutes on low heat to dry em out a lil bit cuz they are goooey!

    cant wait to eat one. total empty stomache right now, havent smoked for 4 hours, pretty baseline right now. hopefully they get me nice and cooktered :D
  2. ooo they are goooood!

    ate the smallest of the batch as a test run. if this guy does the trick, im set for a great time tomorrow night :D :D

    missed picking out a stem tho.. like having bones in your cookie... eww.
  3. mmmm, bone brownies. the best... gonna venture into the world of baking bud finally soon...
  4. well, im definately very stoned right now.

    plan on eating two of the big ones tomorrow, should be a blast :d

    we'll all going on a cruise around the vancouver harbour, super cheap, GREAT scenery, food included, and they have a designated smoking section. wonder if i can get away with smoking a little joint.. :p

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