Dinafem's california hashplant

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  1. Strain: Dinafem seeds, california hashplant

    Genetics: "90% california hashplant, 10% northern lights"

    Height: About 5' 7" at the end of flower, outdoors.

    Medium: The native soil (dark, fertile, rich in organic matter, slightly compact) planted directly in the ground.

    Nutes: Just some synthetic miracle grow i'm afraid, used all of the organic amendments for the fruit/veggie garden.

    Light: Giant ball of hot plasma and gas at the center of the solar system.

    Flower time: Started to flower in early august, ready for harvest in early october.

    Yield: Didnt weigh it, but it only filled up about 1 and 1/2, quart sized canning jars.

    Smell: Nothing special, a lil skunky and slightly sweet. Pretty faint.

    Smoke: It was pretty smooth. After about a 5 month cure (just opened the half jar, which i hid from myself so that i wouldnt smoke it all before it was done curing, today) it has taken on the taste of maple syrup and pine.

    High: Has a very indica dominant high, but dosnt really knock you out. You can still function (well as far as physical labor goes, but not really good if you have to do something that requires concentration) pretty well under the influence of this strain, it isnt exactly motivating,but it's possible to get shit done. For the first like 45 minutes i cant keep my thoughts straight, then it mellows out and gives an extreme case of the munchies/cotton mouth. Great for just relaxing without the need to take a pot nap.

    Comments: I probably wont be growing this strain again, it wasnt the best yielder, and didnt have the most amazing smell or flavor. I did enjoy the high though, and it was pretty potent, but i dont think it would really be worth the space.
  2. i got one of these as a freebie from the 'tude... thanks for posting the info.

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