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  1. Has anyone run this strain? I'm on my second go around, the first I had to pull early and it had no smell when pulled (at 7 1/2 weeks).  This lady is a clone of the first plant and it has absolutely no smell 9 weeks into flower.  If I touch the buds and smell my fingers I can smell it, but otherwise I smell nothing.  I've done some research and found that WW in general doesn't get stinky until late in flower, but this seems a bit too late. Anyone else have this problem?  I'm hoping the curing process will bring out the dank smell when I pull it in 2 weeks or so.


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  2. it's still a little early and it's not that big of a plant, i run autos a bit smaller and there's so little smell i can run it in an apartment without a filter, I do use onagel though.....
    i think there is products you can use to boost the aroma if that really matters to you, i always feel indoors grows are lucky if there's no smell until curing :p

    Botanicare Sweet is a product that enhances aroma i believe
    Bud Candy by AN is another I believeeeee
  3. I've got this one if these going in my tent right now. It's still only a few weeks old but I can get some scent from it after i ruffle the leaves a little, and my room definitely smells a little skunky

    What kind of lights did you use on yours?
  4.  9 weeks into flower is early? The picture is bad (I'm paranoid about taking them), but that plant is 2 1/2 feet tall with buds the size of coke cans...lol   I don't care if it doesn't smell really, I'm just curious if there's anything that can make a plant not smell (besides genetics).
    I run CFL for veg and a 4' 8 bulb T5 for Flower.  I issues with summertime heat in the room,  so I'm waiting to switch to my HPS until I have a good solution to the heat.

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