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dinafem seeds...blue hash or blue widow?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by tarheelblue, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. I'm in Spain and was wanting to pick up some blue hash (blueberry with CA hash plant) or blue widow (blueberry with WW)...

    anyone got any recommendations?
  2. I say BW.. but everyone is different.
  3. i hope he decided by now...considering this thread is nearly a year old :p
  4. i got a collectors pack of 2 blue hash, 2 blue widow, 2 white widow

    dinafem rocks, the grow was excellent, the high is killer!
  5. can ya show us the finished product and how much yiled u get from how many plants ty.

  6. BOTH! I've got two of each growing right now. I've had the Blue Hash before, and it was incredible. And I will assume the Blue Widow is gonna kick the living bee jeezus outta me!

  7. I ordered a pack of Nirvana Northern Lights from Attitude and got a Dinafem Blue Widow free. My plants are about 17 days old so it might be a little early to pass judgment, but my Blue Widow is the pride of the pack right now. It is growing very strong and healthy. Very compact, stem is strong, leaves are full and thick, and zero yellowing. Very amazing so far and outperforming the Nirvana NL's by far.
  8. I got the the free dinafems also white widow, blue hash and blue widow. Those three are twice the size of the barney's farm blue cheese that I bought. Cant wait to try them. :smoking:
  9. just germed my ww, bh and cali hash for my next grow, all from dinafem. They all popped very fast, overnight to be exact...
  10. I have one Blue widow growing right now at 13 days old that is massive compared to my G13 Labs Gigabud, I mean much bigger. Time for bigger pots.:D
  11. One week into flowering now and the Blue Widow is looking exceptional. Far better than my Nirvana Northern lights. The feminized BW definitely turned out to be a female and 4 out of 6 NL's were males. Very impressed with Dinafem so far.

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