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Dinafem, one of the worlds best (imo)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by TheAussieGrower, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Haven't posted anything yet, but am soon to be :)

    Been growing for many years, and getting seeds locally (australia). Just ventured over to Attitude Seed Bank and found that their quality of seeds... quite frankly... is shit.

    I ordered some Dinafem Power Kush. It arrived fine, no issues there. But one look at the seeds, I knew they wouldn't germinate! Guess what, after getting them in the propogator, I was right, they were ALL rotten! yuk!

    So, i emailed attitude, they said sorry and contact Dinafem. So I did. I am so glad I did. The owners are awesome people. To begin with, the made the offer to send me replacement seeds at their expense, which I found to be very generous, as I was only emailing to see what had gone wrong. I got the seeds in a week and a half from Spain to Aus. What beautiful little seeds they are! Perfect in every way (I am a bit of a freak with seeds, I love them and have a massive collection). The customer service is outstanding, and the quality of genetics from what I have seen is amazing. I just placed an order for 150 seeds of various strains through them, and within a couple hours of paying, they seeds were shipped!

    If anyone wants the best quality seeds around, and at the best prices, hit them up. They are there to help, and quite frankly, are some of the best seeds I have seen (compared to ALL the Amsterdam companies).

  2. Good to hear since I have a few of theirs from the UFO at Attitudes.
  3. Be careful of the UFO freebies at Attitude, a lot of what they send wont germinate... If they don't email them and ask them to replace them, as this seed breeder is SUPERIOR to most other seed banks I have used.
  4. One of the two dinafem ufos I received has already popped and broken soil.
  5. yeah, i got some shark attack freebies from doc a couple years ago, and never got any of them to pop, but i'm keen to try my sweet deep grapefruit UFO.
  6. ^ Sweet Deep Grapefruit is incredible :) enjoy.
  7. You know I have been eyeing this strain up for a while and was wondering about it. Sounds like it would be pretty cool to grow and try out, but I haven't seen a lot of love for Dinafem on the board so I was reluctant. If they still have this in stock and have a cool 4/20 sale I might have to pull the trigger and get this. That plus a few autos for free would be nice, then I could drop that silly G13 NL auto in the soil and actually use the thing. Let the gf smoke the NL and keep the Sweet Deep all to myself whahahahahaha! I also have a Dinafem White Widow and Diesel fem seed that I got as a UFO. Honestly don't know why someone would want to smoke something that tastes like fuel, but to each their own. I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to taste good pot in the coming months! I got four seeds in the soil that I bought and four more bagseeds in veg and after this it will be all bought seeds from now on! I really don't need to buy more seeds, but reading all the posts about blueberry, raspberry, mango, pepper, etc flavors I just want to experience them all! I picked up some mason jars so I can cure the stuff I have in flower and learn what weed is supposed to be like. I love this site soooo much I can't even begin to tell you. I have learned so much and made some cool friends also. I wish I could smoke a bowl with all of you!
  8. I remember someone posting that Dinafem is largely a seed wholesaler that supplies quite a few brand name breeders. Whether those are using Dinafem as a starting point or are merely reselling Dinafem stock I would have no idea.

    And again I don't know this as fact, but I believe it was posted on this board.
  9. I know for a FACT that DINAFEM DO breed seeds for other banks. Mainly the smaller banks located in the UK. They also supply 2 major breeders in Holland. They sell their BEST strains as DINAFEM, and breed their prestige stock into different hybrids for the other seed companies. I wont say which companies they supply, as they probably have agreements in place, and I don't want to breach this for them.

    In addition, Royal Dutch Genetics supply 3 MAJOR names in Holland. Again, I can't say who, but the initials DP should raise a few eye brows.
  10. Just an quick question - how do you know they breed for other banks? Surely that is the kind of knowledge that the good people at GC need to know? Share and share alike brother!
  11. ^ I am very close to the breeders themselves. Leire and myself have been conversating a lot recently, and I have found out a LOT of info I never knew... I don't think I can name the breeders they supply seeds to and for, it's a little bit of a rats act considering I was trusted not to speak about it. DINAFEM themselves don't care if I do, but the other seed companies do, and I really don't feel like starting an international war with seed breeders in Holland and Spain :)
  12. weed drug wars? really?

    weed's supposed to have the OPPOSITE effect!

  13. You wouldn't be referring to dutch passion now would u?:D
  14. Really good to know, I got sweet deep grapefruit going now and shes starting to fill up really well with low leaf to calyx ratio in sea of green. I would recommend dinafem based on my experience vegging and cloning them before even having the chance to smoke them I already know their gonna be top qual.

  15. Yeah, the sweet deep grapefruit is very tasty. If you like fruit flavours, you will love this one! Got any pix of the girls?
  16. new guy on forum..i been reading alot here but just now decided to post
  17. In a topic 3 years dead and not even on topic? Welcome aboard! ;)

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