Dinafem Blue Fruit

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  1. TURNED HERMIE 9 DAYS INTO FLOWER! Well atleast they gave us warning but man that sucks! Wasted time and money on a bum strain!
  2. fem seeds r notorius 4 turning hermie
  3. no there not, newer grower's are notorious for f'king fem seed's up through stress and get hermie's;)
    never had a fem hermie on me...
  4. For sure! I know what Im doing and out of multiple fem grows this one is the only one I have ever seen hermie. So that sucks and if you read the description, it says that this strain is unstable and has a tendancy to form male flowers. So I guess I dont feel too bad!

  5. I used to hate femms. .now they are a way to try out new strains..

    now with that said...I will never buy another DinaFem seed ever...I have grown two Moby Ds, Both hermied..one was on the 3nd week of flower all the lower buds were male, and the second went all bananas on me about half way thru , same with Blue Widow , and CAli hash .. also got bananas on em ..but I was wise to Dinafems by then .. so they want out fast....

    free Dinafem seeds go to the same place free Green House Seeds go now, in the bird feeder...

    just my .02
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    so it's just a dinafem problem then huh?

    well i cant say much for that particular breeder..lol
    or ghsc..(ya right)
    that sux to hear..i got a sweet deep grapefruit on the way, but it was a freebie of course..i'll give it to somebody..lol
    i hate when the tude gives out ghsc freebies, if they even germ... it's like playing the lotto.
    so far my ghsc trainwreck is doing good though..no sign of hermie...
    yet! ...we will see..but if it had not been free, and a indica dom trainwreck, it would not get close to my garden..lol
    but i have seen a ton of grower's f'k up fem's due to stress ..for sure!

  7. wow they advertise this??? lol i hear ya bro...most fem's are great, some are not..
    thanx for the headsup about dinafem though, now i got one to get rid of lol haa can't have no hermies along side breeding prodject's, that would f'k me all up...lol
    i usually stay away from newer breeder's..
    the newest one i order from is female seeds, they test batch everything before release to make sure there stuff is stable anhd use top dawg genetic's like good ww hybrid's and og c-99
  8. Nice dude Im diggin it! Have to check em out a little more seriously but all my money is shootin towards pickin all the 0g 18 I can up!
  9. ahhh DNA/RP huh? good stuff never had a fem or reg seed problem from those guy's..
    smokin that LA right now...;)
    also check out the new headband..
    and nextgeneration just got released through attitude..well about a month ago lol
    there one of the only BC breeder's there...better jump on those, those seed's rule!
  10. you've made my sig.
  11. ya that shit was funny..lol
    that guy crack's me up ..lol

  12. ahh thanks for putting that up, now Arjan is going to put a hit out on Me :cool: and I'll have to watch for a little bald guy, with a big brown nose following me in the streets :rolleyes:

    LOL I think I got the "GHS seed into the bird feeder" saying from Cantharis :(, or OUtdoorMaster , so I gotta hand off credit....

    at any rate ..sorry your girls switch hit O.P...and you gotta admit ..if your name has "fem" in it .. you better be able to pull it off... we really should not only put up our seed bank reviews but breeder reviews also, strains are way to easy to just rename....
  13. Haha Cantharis? Man that guy's an oldschooler, didn't even know he was on this forum.
    Yeah watch out for that hit... Chances are it will be Arjan's homosexual life partner I see in his videos.. Forgot dudes name but he's always on icmag with arjan.
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    i have got straight male plants from fem'd seed before from nirvana's nycpower diesel. that sucked but the other 4 out of 5 turned out all right so far.

    i have also had some weird strains like barney's farm red cherry berry where the female flowers cluster in the first stages of flowering and look extremely similar to male flower clusters it will throw you for a loop. but supreme smoke

    and of course i have had a few cases of hermie banana clusters, but that usually appeared in my plants that were too far back in the grow space and got kinda neglected. but ever since the space issue has been cleared up i haven't (knock on wood) had any hermie clusters to seed up buds. so i wont blame the hermie's on the genetic just on circumstance i guess.

    other than the above listed instances. i have always used only feminized seeds with all my grows and i am quite happy with the outcome i get. i would prolly only use a reg seed if i really really wanted the strain and this was my only means. it just cost too much loot to raise a possible male plant in hydro :smoke:

    edit: and the dinafem moby dick was the only freebie dinafem i didnt give away:eek:. luckily it is showing the signs of a great yielding plant:hello:, i just wish i had taken a cut of it before to put into hydro:(
  15. Grasshumper I get where you're coming from and I understand the convenience of fem seeds but why not Germ a pack of reg. seeds find a good pheno and clone the crap out of it?
    Don't get me wrong I've used fem. seeds before but let me tell you what really chaps my ass about them..
    Sometimes I skip the seed process and just buy clones at random collectives throughout my town and one thing that sucks is sometimes there will be clones of fem'd plants.
    I found this out when I tried to use pollen from a lemon larry OG Kush male to pollenate a feminised TW plant that I didnt know was feminised and the offspring was worse then anything on the planet.

    - excuse my ranting lol
  16. dude i totally here you on that if i need or want that strain. but my only reserve is that i always get more from a seedling in hydro then a clone. not that i wont use a clone because i do. its just that if i can i prefer to use a feminzed seed when possible for best possible outcome:smoke: thanks for the heads up though:wave:
  17. Yea seed always yeilds more then clone that's a fact.
    Thing i like about clones is the veg time is cut in half, nice grows btw.
  18. thank you sir i actually just did a hydro update and a flower room update:smoke:

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