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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lsdsjflsf, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Hey guys I'm about to get a new LED (Viparspectra dimmable 450w). The Red, White, Blue lights can be adjusted individually and I'm wondering what the best way to adjust them throughout the entire grow would be. If there is a guide somewhere just point me in the direction. I know blues mainly for veg and reds for bloom but what percentage since they can be adjusted. example run 50%blue 50%white 0%red during veg and 0%blue 50%white 50%red during flower..something along those lines of explanation (growing in soil in a grow tent--autos and photos)..much appreciated
  2. Curious if you can you go 33% on each? Good experimental feature but Im not sure I understand the reason.
    IMO(Ill state that, because a lot of COB users will disagree.)
    You don't need much white (maybe 20%) because white is blue and red + yellows and greens

    Blue has more power behind it than red but cannabis prefers heavy red (indicas in particular)
    I would try 60red-20-20 on the others for the whole cycle.
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  3. This is personally how I would do it. 50% blue 25% white and 25% red for veg. Then for flower I would want to push the highest intensity light all the time so probably 50 blue 50 red
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  4. Yea they can go anywhere in between 0-100% of my choosing. I read somewhere--and can't find it now--that some people slowly increase certain lights to certain levels throughout the entire grow for maximum growth. Basically I'm not just supposed to start full blast b/c slowly adjusting to particular levels increased yield to highest potential, but I have no idea what those numbers are..and can't find the original article I even read that from to begin with
  5. This sounds similar to what I read somewhere. I'm thinking for veg it was more close to your numbers, but for flower it was similar, but increasing to full blast throughout the last couple weeks for maximum growth..I think this is a good starting point for veg though

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