Dimensions for an indoor growbox?

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  1. As the title states...I am just curious of what a good size for an indoor grow box will be? I've looked into purchasing a box and building but it all comes down to what size should be sufficient. I figured I would ask those with experience here ;).

    So anyway...how tall/wide/deep should a box be? I don't need tons of plants but enough room for maybe 5 to 10 or so at a time.
  2. I'm more of an outdoor guy...so maybe someone who knows can answer OPs question!?
  3. Your question is ridiculous. That's like asking how big should a pair of pants be? Well, it depends on the size of your ass.

    An indoor grow op should be of an appropriate size to fit your goals. If you don't share that we can't help you with the fit.

  4. did you not see this:


    No reason to be a jackass if you didn't read my whole 5 sentence post.
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    Actually did not see it.

    Rule of thumb is 1 sq ft per plant, but that depends a lot on what type of grow you want to do. Certainly enough space for a SOG but you may want more per plant if you are going to veg them more than 2-3 weeks and especially if you use topping, fimming, LST or scrog.

    And others will tell you less is OK, but I recommend minimum 4' height.

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