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Dime in your Grinder?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by shug_knight, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. My buddy told me that I can accumulate more kief if I put a dime in my grinder.

    Anytime I grind up bud, just give it a good shake around and you should get double the amount of kief! The thing is, I'm afraid of what might be on the dime that might be bad on the bud? Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

    I did try it for a week, and did notice that there was definitely alot more kief prior to adding the dime.

    Have you guys ever done this? Anyone know if anything on the dime might be bad for me? Should I soak it in alcohol first to clean it? :D
  2. Lots of people do this. And yes you can clean the dime just put it in alcohol for a few seconds. but yeah its completly safe and you will get keif way faster.
  3. i use a dime and it works great, dont be so paranoid just put one in there. if it makes ya feel better wipe it with alcohol but i am sure your fingers are as dirty as the dime and you touch weed with them as well as the doob... no worries.
  4. how can you fit a dime in your grinder to begin with?

    anything that has a rough edge will shred plant matter.

  5. set it right on the screen in the catch chamber, my grinder is about 2.5 inches in diameter made from billet aluminum with 3 chambers... it's called a Glider.
  6. I think it's funny that kids are always worrying about shit like this and then get in their cars high and text while driving.

  7. Since kids are the only people who text while driving.

  8. You got that backwards. I've never had an adult ask me if a dime was going to kill them.
  9. I'm not saying it's going to kill me. I'm just asking if anybody else has done it and if theres any harm to it. Since there is none, then I'm keeping the dime and smoking that kief.
  10. ahh but see, he never asked if it would kill him, only if it would harm his bud. And they're is nothing wrong with driving high, i do perfectly fine, just have to be alert.
  11. #11 Glass Clown, Oct 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2010
    As to the first thing, go look up rhetorical hyperboly. As to the second, how can you possibly know if you're perfectly fine driving high unless you've been tested? The whole point of intoxicants is to alter your perception and nearly all chronic drunk drivers think they're driving just fine too. I'm not saying you don't drive fine when you're high, I'm saying you would have no way of knowing whether you do or not. You may be having near misses one after another and never notice them.
  12. More kief in your grinder = less kief on your bud.
  13. Use a nickel. Trust me on this. If you want kief quickly.. that'll get the job done most definitely. Just shake, shake, shake your shake!
  14. You know how many mexicans have probably touched that nickle??

    I'm only kidding, I don't hate mexicans or any other race.
  15. allow me to rephrase, atleast i think i drive fine.
  16. I keep a dime in my grinder, it works wonders.
  17. What about screen damage? Any concerns there?
  18. Get a coffee grinder and you can double the amount of kief you got in no time :smoke: [​IMG]
  19. I'm confused...can somone explain this to me? I believe I have a 3 pc grinder. A top part where you put the nugs and grind, a middle part where the stuff drops down into and then a screen beneath that that goes to the 3 chamber where the kief is caught.

    Now which chamber does the dime go into? And can someone explain how this creates more?
  20. on top of the screen

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