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Dime/Dub/10 sack/20 sack

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MPLS Local, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. #1 MPLS Local, Dec 1, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 1, 2010
    Option 1
    In my area: Suberbs of Minneapolis, MN
    Dime - 1.8g
    Dub - 3.6g
    10 sack - .6g
    20 sack - 1.2g

    Option 2
    In other areas:
    Dime - $10 bucks worth
    Dub - $20 bucks worth
    Half 1/8 - 1.8g
    1/8 - 3.6g

    So what do you use for terms? Option 1 or Option 2

    And if you used option 2, why do you think my area had the dime/dub terms for 1.8/3.6?
  2. *sigh*.........
  3. Use your words child
  4. fuckkk diss if you dont buy in atleast a half at a time your a scrubb
  5. Thanks for answering my questions
  6. Option two.

    I have no idea why anyone would use option one. A dub is a tenth of a gram more than an eighth? What's the point? How much more does it cost than an eighth?

  7. that was a real dick comment dude. This is the apprentice toker's section
  8. he just thinks hes so badass cause he buys "atleast a half at a time"
    dont mind him, some people are just stupid

  9. A dub is an 1/8..... We weight out 1/8 at 3.6g and half 1/8 at 1.8.

    I wasnt asking about the weigts really. More about the terms
  10. hahah
  11. Dime - 1g, always $10 regardless of quality
    8th - 3.5g, $25-30

    Anything in between is referred to by its exact weight.
  12. this is how it is in vancouver, but eighths are usually 30 or 35 dollars depending on dealer
  13. You lucky mofo haha
    1/8 here is 60 standard for anything worth smoking (no mids/regs/schwag)
  14. the problem with kids buying in such low quantities is that your dealer gets familiar with you, and when that happens your run the risk of being ratted out to save his own ass. if you think a dealer is going to withold some kids identity that means nothing more than a few bucks a week to him, when ratting you out may get him a lesser charge, you're crazy.

    buy in bulk has 2 advantages:
    1. you see the dealer less often and that means he'll probably forget about you until you come around again
    2. you are giving im more money, so he may be inclined o keep you as a customer if he plans on dealing after his punishment

  15. Well obviously terms change depending on where you are... I dont even know what the hell a dub is.:confused:
  16. rlly too stoned and too lazy to say anything about this one man....pshh....jus gonna hit the pipe again.........*siiigghh*......

  17. Yea, most dealers who buy from other dealers will price very good bud for around $40 canadian, but the closer you get down the chain to grower the cheaper it will be (down to around 20 straight from grower)

  18. You sound productive..

  19. But its not really terms change.
    Because a dub here is 3.6 and in other areas a dub is $20.

    I went to school and a kid asked me for a dub... I brough him 3.6g and he was like "Woa thats alot for $20"

    Its weird that different areas have the same term for different ammounts of weed

  20. The cops won't ask him to rat out customers unless they were buying enough weight to be distributing as well. Cops usually move up the chain, not down.

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