Dim light during 12/12 off period...how bad?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. Maybe you guys can shed some light(literally) on this subject for me.

    Ive got 3 plants a week into 12/12 now. But in the same closet off to the side I have a special little champer all blocked off with 7 clones started. Anyway, I go into my clone chamber as often as I can many many times a day to mist them.

    My flowering plants are off to the side, much deeper in the closet but they do exposed to a very very very dim light as I crack the door. No direct light, but just the hue of light. I would say not really even as bright as the full moon.

    Am I okay with this for my flowering plants?
  2. complete darkness is needed, you may be setting yourself up with some hermies.
  3. I totally agree with Naughty....during the flowering stage it has to be pitch dark. Any light leaks coming through need to be prevented. I learned this the hard way and had my beautiful female plant turned into a hermie. There's nothing worse than the sight of male pollen sacks opening up on your female flowers.
  4. What hurts is waiting weeks for flowers to show, only to find that light poison has completely neutralized the flowering hormone.
    Block them off completely from all light, but make sure they still get air.
    Good luck! eg
  5. No offence intended!
    I had a simalar situation just recently!
    It was my first grow and everything was going well I put her into flower and then I read about "the constant harvest strategy" LOL!!
    Being the greedy pot fiend that I am I figured why not right?
    So I set it up! In the space I hed in my closet i just took a big cardboard box (CHEAP I KNOW)and hung lights in it put a puter fan in it for ventilation! Lightproofed it as good as I could! But in order to get fresh air to the plant there had to be some minimal light seapage right! No harm I thought! The moon reflects sun light all night.RIGHT!
    So she flowers nicely then all the sudden BALLS! BALLS! I remember thinking this plant can just go fuck itself! (literally)
    But I figured what the hell! So I watch it for a while and the balls open 1 by 1. But no pollen! I think maybe I lucked out right!?
    Nope goto within 10 days from harves and boom 1 opens with pollen!
    So being the indecisive guy that I am I flip a coin! Heads I harvest early tails I take my chances! HEADS!!!chop chop!
    So the moral of this story is 12 hours of DARK,DARK,DARK.LIGHT GIVITH, AND LIGHT WILL TAKETH AWAY!!!!!!!
  6. well the light is very very little, less than even a glow......i would say more of a distant hue. I did try to block the light better, but some hue is still there. So far so good though with the flowering all i see is hairs no balls :)
  7. When an MJ begins to have 12 hours of dark, the flowering hormone is stimulated. If it is growing outdoors, moonlight isn't usually a problem because it only happens for a couple of nights out of the month, and the daylight is so intense. Our manmade lighting just can't compete with the sun for intensity, so our dark must be complete, or it can overwhelm the hormone production.
    If you are using a cardboard box arrangement: use two, outter and inner. Outter should be about 2" bigger all around. Stagger the air holes in vboth, so nothing lines up. Light can't turn corners, or follow curves. If you insert cardboard tubes in the outter openings, this is even better, just make sure they don't touch the inner, or it's blocked, no air flow.
    L8R M8S,eg
  8. Na, the light just leaks a bit off my shelf. I have the center section of a shelf devoted to a clone chamber with black garbage bags as walls. But i have a slit in the front for me to get in and mist them, etc. But, so far the plants seem to be flowering just great. I have a male im growing too, and its got its balls starting, while the others have all hairs. :)
  9. yea the reason im growing the male is for seeds. The male is only a 3rd the size of the 4 females and i figure he will pollinate them all just fine. I want loads of seeds from this first crop.

    Im gonna pick the seeds and donate the bud to broke ass buddies, ahahahah. Its white widow too. Maybe make some cookies

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