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  1. My girl and I have been together for about a year.

    We love each other and each other's company.

    But this is the problem....
    I am a health fanatic who eats clean most of the time and works out trying to get my body right. I do it for myself, but having her is extra motivation to do it for her too.

    She on the other hand, is by no means fat.....but she's not really thin or in shape.
    She used to be, but I dont know wtf happened.

    I don't want to sound like a dick or anything, but it seems like she can't stick to a diet and just keeps eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and seems to be getting bigger.

    What can I do? I'm not trying to force the issue on her, and I love her inner beauty. But being the person I am I just don't want to be with someone who will just get big.

    I don't know, I'm stoned, just thinking about it.

  2. That's an awkward situation, man. It's one of those things where you really can't win. But, I think it's going to depend on how you word it if you do say anything.

    I'd start by asking her to go work out/run with you. Don't insinuate weight at all - if she thinks that's why, just tell her you think it would be something fun to do together.

    Good luck blade. You're gonna need it.

  3. Just tell her that you are genuinely concerned for her health if she honestly eats that bad. If she somehow see's something hurtful and offensive in her partner being genuinely concerned for her, then she's got other issues.

    Try and get her involved in the exercises you do. Start going for decent walks to break her into it, help her eat healthy.
    Do you two live together???
  4. yeah, be straight up and say, yo you've been getting bigger, and if we gunna stay together for a long time then your gunna have to do something about it..cuz in a few years at this rate that you say, she will be chubs. Easier said then done,

    but maybe say more nicely, why dont we workout together a few times a week kinda thing. Bonding experience as well, and sounds a lot nicer
  5. I'd aim for more of a "Hey, your health is going to bite you in your ass if you continue to eat this way, no need to wait until it's too late" rather than a "Hey, your getting fatter and I don't like that".
  6. Tell her: "Lose weight or get ta steppin' cuz I ain't trifflin' with no fat ass bitches"
  7. Grab her excess fat constantly?

    Girls always gain weight when comfortable, you gotta stop that.
  8. Say , hey babe i need a workout partner.

    Can you guys cook? Find some healthy recipes and go to the grocery together. Play sports/workout together, then make some food right after. Let her know you are really serious about being healthy and she will follow your lead.

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