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Dilemma - Should I?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cornea, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So I have $61 in my bank account, and it costs me $55 an eighth. I get $30 that is owed to me LATE tonight, so I'm wondering if I should take 60 out, or wait. I really want some bud for myself tonight. I could always go smoke with my friends tonight, they would do it. But I hate being a mooch.

    Also, Hi! I'm Cornea. Lurked the forums for the longest time and this is my first post. Thanks!
  2. Welcome to Grasscity first of all!

    Second, It sounds like not bad of a deal, if it's dank. I get my eighths for $60.

    You'll have $6 in your bank account, and $30 in cash. Not too bad if you don't have any upcoming bills or what not.

    I'd do it.
  3. I would take out money and then put the 30 back into it.
  4. I always hate dipping into my bank accounts. I would wait for the $30 bucks and use that.
  5. us the 30 to split an 8th with one of your friends tonight.
  6. Seems like a good idea to me.
  7. Id get a job...
  8. Its your money why ask complete strangers what to do, and yeah get a job so ur not one of those moocher stoners. ktthx
  9. Dude are you kidding me? You have just enough money for an eighth of dank and a no.7 combo meal supersized and your contemplating not doingit? Sounds like a good night to me.

  10. I second that

    WHoa, back up... They still supersize??!?
  11. find a better deal?
  12. i would try to find a better deal, depending on your area. $55 for an eighth is damn expensive for my area, seeing as last night i picked up a quarter of grape kush for $50.
  13. wait. get the 30. spend 90 on weed. enjoy :)
  14. I have a job. I'm just gonna get a half.
  15. split an eigth or buy a 1/6th of mids for 30. yes i know most people dont use 1/6ths but i legit have a dealer that sells 5.3 for 30 of mids and 75 for dank
  16. find a better deal.

    If that's all the money you have I wouldn't spend $55-60 on an eighth.
  17. I say get the 1/8th. Chill with your buddys and bring 1g of it and have them also bring what they have. Best of both worlds.

  18. Bro nobody here cares to hear you brag about your hookups. Area is everything so telling op to find a better deal is just ignorant. Unless your lucky enough to know a supplier, 55-60 an eighth is probably the national average (yes i know your in canada, but well i just dont give a fuck).
  19. I also have no mids hook ups at all. Ohio is in a drought right now. NO ONE has them.

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