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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by potheadnpothole, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. Hey you guys....i got a lil problem for ya'll to help me solve. Last night me and my boss (hehe) went out to toke a few. She had always flirted w/ me while we were at work. So after we were pretty stoned we messed around a lil....then she tells me she has a fiance.....but is dumping him when she moves out next week...what should i do??? I like her and all..but shit im confused.....better go pick a sack up...latta
  2. High stranger! Sounds to me like you should wait till next week and see what happens! :smoking:
  3. i'd go for it...i mean its not like she's married yet.
  4. Oh Fuckin YEAH!!!! I forgot to tell ya'll...i have THE most AWESOME job in the world!!!! I am a Pizza delivery boy, for a small town pizza chain. I can smoke it up at work!!!!! so awesome awesome
  5. I'd be careful about dating at work. If you love your job but it doesn't work out with her? It'd be weird.
    But if you guys can be cool about it, just wait up awhile & see what happens.
    Cool that ya get to smoke @ work :)
  6. Sorry for your problem, but i'm finally glad someone else around here gets their ass stuck in a weird crack besides me.

    Welcome to the Fried Old Fuckers club!
  7. I would wait until 1) she is single 2) she can devote her time to you. Dont get caught up in someone elses drama. If she likes you shell come back to you. Feel free to toke it up with her youll get to know her better, But lay off anything physical until shes yours. =)

  8. so what did you do
  9. it was nothing like that man....i wasnt gonna curl up 2 fingers down her panties like captain hook on the first night...hehe....but you know, the gentleman stuff. Making out holdin know the affectionate stuff....latta

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