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  1. Right guys i bought 2 cuttins of white rhino... Left it with my bro for a pc grow.. Told him to veg for 3 or 4 weeks then switch to a red bulb an flower..

    Right the nerd switched bulbs an has basically been running red spectrum on a 18/6 cycle for 2 weeks soo no veg just straight flowering.. Hasnt fed the plants just waterd with 5.9ph water

    Plants look healthy an absolutelly stink..

    What do i do
    Put them into a 12/12 cycle asap..
    Feed them or flush them..
    They are large ive tied em down already

    Any pointers would be great the yield is guna be dire.. But hey learning experiences...

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  2. youll be fine man, i know of pleanty who have vegged under 2700k and been just fine, they havent been flowered for that time unless they were on 12/12, so id knock the ph up a TINY bit and get it around 6.4-6.7 and either get some 6500k bulbs and keep vegging, or if u want since there big you can switch the lighting to 12/12 and get to flowering, but if there already close id do another train sesh and then flower since they can atleast double in size! Oh and maybe some nutes, they look like they might be hungry :)
  3. Thanks alot pal, yeah im grabbing some nutes 2mrw morning.. The odor is immense mind u got 3 odor blocks, an 2 self releasing odor sprays lol like some ladies bouguet loool
    Thanks dude
  4. yessir good luck! wat kinda nutes were u thinking? if u have a local hydro shop, id get the Technaflora Recipie for sucess kit, its like 30 bucks and has A TON of stuff, overall great buy imo. google it :)
  5. I was gunna get biobizz :) but ill look into that deffo
  6. i suggest foxfarm, or advanced nutrients.

    as for the light spectrum, it doesnt really matter, it wasnt flowering if he kept it 18/6
  7. Ok didnt nw that thanks,

    Yeah i cant seem to get fox farm products .. Ill keep snooping about tho
  8. yeah ill forget to switch the MH bulbs out during veg sometimes.... end up veggin with an HPS. no big deal.

  9. Ive had some pretty good results vegging with hps too, just doesnt look as pretty:rolleyes:

    And yeah the foxfarms nutes are good, actually woulda been my number one but there really sketch to get for me, they're way over priced at the hydro store here in town, Also been rumors of people being followed by LEO after being seen there and at the local ace hardwear the 500,000 ace employees look at you like your growing pot or something if u have a bag of Ocean forest, and the Fox farms trio and a bottle of superthrive.;)
  10. [quote name='"welshbud"']Ok didnt nw that thanks,

    Yeah i cant seem to get fox farm products .. Ill keep snooping about tho[/quote]

    Also soz heres a pic of The babies

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  11. Nice, how big are they. im having a hard time with the inside of a pc case vs pot, plant, bulb size. They look great man. Ever get any ideas of what nutes are available?
  12. Im gunna use biobizz heard its decent im new to all this so just gunna try it an see for myself :)

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