dilaudid + coke safe?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by speedball, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. so, today was my first time trying 2 new drugs. I got a g of some coke (let a buddy have a line and according to him it was real good, which was to be expected since i paid 60 a g) and i got 5 2mg dilaudids. snorted 2 dil's about an hour ago and i just finished one line and am about to do another. feels real nice :) anyone else ever try this particular combination?
  2. My friend died from speedballing..
    Can't say I don't enjoy it though, but im too nervous to do it more than I already have.
    Enjoy man.
  3. i always love reading these kinds of things after i just finish doing that lol. i did 3 lines instead but god i feel so wonderful!!!
  4. Kind of like tip toeing on hell's boundreis.If such a thing existed.

    Did a few lines of H and white before and had fun,wouldnt do alot of it though and certainly wouldnt make a habit of it either.
  5. at 60 a g, i really cant afford to do this very often lol. i just got it because i was lookin for something new to try this weekend and just so happened to have a hookup at school. i doubt i'll even buy any more coke for a month or so, money is too tight to be blowing like this too often.
  6. tru that bro.

    speedballing is sick
  7. Go ahead, its not safe, but if your smart it wont kill you. I have speedballed a few times, always fun, but like the person said it is like walking along hell's boundries. You gonna pop the dilauded, snort it, or bang it up?
  8. Oh i love speedballing its fun as long as you dont everdo. Just be smart about it
  9. I've personally had big ole mixed lines of coke and Dil. Just take it real easy, speedballing will kill ya
  10. Speedballing is fucking amazing, nothing like spiking 60mg oxy and .4g of coke..

    Just remember that the coke is going to wear off waaaaay before the dilauded, and if your body tells you to stop, stop.

    If you are ever in doubt about taking more, just give it a bit of time since you can always take more but not less.
  11. well that shit was amazing haha. i guess i could have made the thread asking before i did it, but i didnt even think about it. and for the one that was asking, i railed the dilaudids. i do love speedballing :)
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