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Dilatto pill? white and triangle.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RealCaveman, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. #1 RealCaveman, Dec 8, 2008
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    So today my friend came by talkinga bout some pill called Dillato..not sure how you spell it but he said its synthetic morphine given to cancer patients...but apparently his buddy gets it from maryland..... and up there it sells for 100 bucks but i got this pill for 15 and he sold some other people for 30...anyway i gave him like a quarter of this small white triangle pill for driving up here. i snorted a quarter of it with half a lortab 10 and im still fucked up hours later...

    Anyone ever had an experience with these?:smoking:
  2. Are you talking about Dilaudid?
  3. Yes! that's the name of it...sorry - my friend must of said it wrong or i heard it different..

    Good stuff. You ever try it?
  4. i believe he is. lucky you enjoy.

  5. Dillatto is a slang term for it. I had a few pills of these the other day and they are amazing.
  6. what are they? what are they prescribed for?.... jw
  7. It is a nice pill, never having done it myself I'm aware I don't know too much about it, But I wouldn't pay any 100 bucks for one.
  8. I've never even head of someone paying $30 for one. I pay $4 for K2, $7 for K4 and $15 for K8
  9. Yeah that's what my friend said these were/k8's

    I definately wouldn't pay 100 for one either..or 30/40 bucks...but i just wanted to try this stuff. Amazing how a quarter of this stuff gets you fucked up. 15 bucks is normal so im good.

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