Digital worth the extra buck?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sizzlasia, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. I'm gonna my lamp and ballast but I was wondering if the digital was worth the extra buck.. debating between the regular htg ballast and lamp vrs the digital one they offer.

    Power cost is somewhat of an issue along with noise being a much more important issue. Ive never heard a ballast are they really that loud? I sleep next to this and odnt want people to hear it
  2. Never used an electronic ballast, but I hear the are more efficient as well as quieter. I sleep next to 2 400w magnetic ballast just fine though. All I hear is a quiet hum... It's almost ..peacful:smoking:
  3. Is the sound noticable? if its completely silent would someone hear it?
  4. hey man what size is it. i have a 250 and a 1000 and the 1000 isnt loud but i guess if u knew what u were listening for u could hear it. otherwise its just a humm. if its only a few buks more id get it.
  5. yea man i bought their digital 600watt ballast and it makes hardly any noise...i sleep with it on the other side of the wall right next to my head basically and i dont hear anything. then again i usually sleep with a tv on..
  6. hey sizz, i like the digi's. i don't know that they'll save you a bundle on electric, but anything is better than nothing. they make no noise and run cooler. i always have a small fan blowing on any ballast i use. it really helps keep em cool, and cooler means it'll last longer.
  7. A digital ballast will run a HPS and MH bulb, no need for conversion bulbs.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys, gonna go with the 400 digital from the high tech garden supply
  9. Maryland Hydroponics has a digital 400W brand name ballast and cord for $154.
    <FORM name=CheckoutForm action= method=post>
    <TABLE class=ys_basket><THEAD><TR class=ys_head><TH class=l colSpan=10>Shopping Cart at Maryland Hydroponics</TH></TR><TR><TH class="ys_first l">Item</TH><TH class=l>Options</TH><TH>Unit Price</TH><TH>Qty.</TH><TH class=ys_last>Cost</TH></TR></THEAD><TBODY><TR class=ys_evenRow><TD class="ys_first ys_items">[​IMG] Lumatek System</TD><TD class=ys_options>
    • Wattage : 400/120 (+123)
    • Lamp Cord/Socket Set :YES (+25)
    • Bulb : NO (+1)
    • Warranty : 4 YEAR
    </TD><TD class=ys_unitPrice></TD><TD class=ys_quantity><LABEL>Total:</LABEL></TD><TD class="ys_last ys_cost">$154.01</TD></TR><TR class=ys_updateQty><TD class=ys_first colSpan=2></TD><TD class=r colSpan=2></TD><TD class=ysco_last></TD></TR><TR class="ys_orderLine ys_evenRow"><TD class=ys_first colSpan=4></TD><TD class="ys_last r"></TD></TR><TR class="ys_orderLine ys_lastRow ysco_oddRow"><TD class=ys_first colSpan=4></TD><TD class="ys_last r"></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
    And for $69 more you can get a cool tube:


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