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Digital Drugs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by roasted&salted, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Just watched this video on digital drugs, also known as "i-dosing".

    Um... alright.

    I just had to post it cause at 2:05 into the video they show an iPod Touch playing these binaural beats and the time reads 4:20 :smoke:

    Fuck digital drugs, fuck hard drugs, clearly this is somebody's way of telling the world that all you need is a little bit of green and you'll be fine :wave:
  2. It's called I-doser.

    The concept is believable, but the product just isn't.

    I've tried I-doser several times, with differnt headphones, ect..

    I've never had somebody tell me it works.. the most is "I felt something.. but nahh" which is more or likely just a placebo.

    Look at what some of the trips promise.. you can clearly tell its not gonna work.

  3. personally i think it's bullshit...when i tried it i didnt feel anything. but oddly enough my best bud did it and he started twitchin and buggin out like 20 minutes into it. weird shit...

  4. Balogna-bullshit.
  5. I wouldn't even waste my time trying.
  6. Really? I saw this a while back and was like Ermmmm.... no. Just no. Just... Just no. No. :)
  7. Placebo effect is a powerful thing among the weak minded and those who don't know any better.
  8. The I-Doser songs do not induce anything near what they claim, but they are pretty trippy, and if you sit and silently relax to them, they can be calming and trippy in a way, but more of a relaxed feeling then a drug-induced euphoria.
  9. I have $100 Studio Monitor headphones and I listened to the .FLACs (Lossless Audio) on my friends computer. Fucked around with it for a bit.

    Nothing. Just placebo.

    But as another poster said, it works in theory. Binaural beats are for real, but I believe they have to be tuned to your own brainwaves for them to work correctly.
  10. These kids. They really need some green. I think we should have stands outside the pharmacy saying fuck cold syrup heres a dime bag! :cool:

    Mmmmm.... See how brilliant I am.

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