Digital Drugs - Do they work?

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  1. Ive never smoked marijuana but I really want to, so one of my friends introduced me to idoser because I can't smoke anything since I have serious asthma. and idoser offers different drugs including Marijuana, I tried it and the first time I felt light headed and tingly sensations on my body. the second time it felt like everything slowed down.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried marijuana on idoser and does it really feel like the high you get from smoking it? thanks

    here's the website for idoser, Binaural Brainwave Doses
  2. don't really know... i'd say you were experiencing a "placebo effect" type thing.
  3. nope they dont really work its just a placebo, i tried before i started smoking.
  4. Cannabis is actually good for asthmatics.
    When you use cannabis, it opens up your airways and dilates blood vessels everywhere.
    Cigarettes on the other hand, do the exact opposite. Tobacco constricts airways and air flow and limitis blood flow to the extremeties(the reaosn why cig smokers hands+feet get cold or have tingling sensations). The only bad part is the SMOKE. Smoking ANYTHING is bad for you, no matter if its tobacco,cloves,cannabis,salvia or your face. all smoke created by combustion contains dangerous tars and chemicals.
    That stuff isnt real though. Just go with the weed.
  5. wow that thing's weird, I'll have to try it out, lol

    but seriously though, you should try making edibles :) the high is stronger than smoking and you're not doing damage to your lungs, there's a few guides on how-to in the edibles section of the forums
  6. I checked out the site...I've never seen anything like this before, I'm half tempted to buy one lol.

    It's like $5, what have I got to lose? :p
  7. heh, don't spend your money on them, use TPB ;)
  8. i love the orgasm is the #1 best seller on the site...

  9. i can say that from experience this really is true...i have fairly bad asthma and if i'm short of breath and i take just a decent hoot, i can expand my lungs wayy more again. same feeling as taking puffers.
  10. If you read the disclaimer on the site it says it's for entertainment purposes and you shouldn't expect it to do anthing.
  11. My brother got really into using iDosers over the summer. Don't buy them, they are available on limewire and such, even torrents and free ftp downloads, just google idoser.

    Supposedly the iDoser works by using frequencies that stimulate brain synapses and produces effects that way. I will say I have tried them and they are pretty cool and do produce effects. I was very skeptical, but it is fun and relaxing. There are tons of idosers, and I noticed with a few of the Hallucinogen iDosers I did get some "hallucinations" which were more like just intense daydreaming. When you are high and just chilling, try an iDoser like acid or something. I get closed-eye visuals when I am really high, and the iDoser makes them more intense and helps me slip into my visuals/daydreams/imagination
  12. lol torrent with all of em in there. bout to smoke a bowl and try acid or something.
    maybe it'll be pretend acid LOL
    if it doesnt work , free ftw.
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    i tried this about three years or so ago mabey two
    and as i remember it did absolutly nothing other then make my hearing fuzzy when i took off the headphones

    edit- just smoke the weed man
    ive had asthma since i was five to where at 20 i still need an inhaler

    but not when the happy flower is in my bloodstream :smoke:
  14. one word my friend.




    Let the search button be your magical sage and your fingers do the walking.
  15. I used to have asthma and it comes back every now and then, smoking it in small amounts in a ice bong or bubbler should be ok for you but i would say get a good vaporizer and your lungs should be fine.
  16. Get a vaporizer, that way you are using less weed, and you aren't breathing smoke, you are breathing warm AIR!
  17. my friend jacked this program back in highschool and i does kinda work if you are truely focused and are completely relaxed... nothing like the real thing though:(

    i actually have A-bomb, cocaine, heroin, and a few others in mp3 form because you can remove the white noise making the sounds more clear...
  18. THIS. It is so easy to make pot butter! Just go buy an 8er, melt a stick of butter in a saucepan, grind up the 8er fine as possible, toss it in the simmering liquid butter, let it sit in there for 10 mins, pour the concoction through a cheesecloth or coffee filter to get the plant matter out, put the butter in the fridge, VOILA! you will have cold pot butter in an hour or two. Or you could just put the liquid butter on something if you cant wait that long!:wave::wave:
  19. You can actually be prescribed medicinal cannabis for your asthma. A vaporizer isn't necessary for you, but I highly suggest buying one since smoking is not healthy.

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