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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Little Wing, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Today for entertainment I decided to photograph my cats...

    In the following picture I actually got mauled taking it... I thought it would be fun to provoke her a bit (not hard to do) to capture her aggression on camera.


    The second one I took of my other cat. I thought it looked good up against the window. With the soft unfocused background.


    Anyway, going to go find something else to capture on film.
  2. Yeah, cats have such personality.
    I should take some pictures of the one on top (Cougar) while she's stoned. She actually smiles.
  3. More like LITTLE (*).

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  4. What the fuck was that for Czar?

    How about- more like (*)... Haha, I can come up with immature bullshit myself.

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  5. I'm liking the pics.....your cats look awesome :D
  6. My cat and i are showing some christmas spirit this morning :D

    Too bad he was camera shy today...

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  7. Haha, we gave my cats catnip for christmas. See the look of rage in that top pic? It's so much more extreme while she's high on catnip. It's like coke for cats.

    I should take a pic...

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