Digital Buddha Acid?

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  1. I recently heard about 'digital buddha' acid somewhere in my town.


    1. is it legit?

    2. if so, hows the quality?

    And 3. what does it look like?
  2. No one can be sure if your town's acid you may receive is legitimate or not. The artwork on the tab is only just artwork, and you can't be sure that the tab really has acid on it just by the artwork. Also, the potency of your town's tabs cannot be determined just by the picturing on it. There are probably many, many sheets of blotter all over the world with a "Buddha" representation on them. Some may be bunk, and others may be legitimate acid. All that the artwork is, is part of the paper of the tab. I wouldn't be surprised if there are several different types of "Buddha" artwork for sheets acid, so no one can be sure what to expect your town's acid will look like, just from a name.

    The only real way you can answer these questions is by buying one or more tabs for yourself and trying 'em out. Good luck, and have fun.
  3. only 1 way to know if its good or even real acid...and that is by dosing it lol...take a tab or 2 (or have a friend do it) and see how it is
  4. Off-topic, but isn't your name the album that 2 A.M. is on by Slightly Stoopid? Awesome name, awesome album! :D

  5. haha ya thats exactly how i got the name...SS is fuckin awesome lol..all of their albums are pretty damn good...the picture in my avatar is a pic i took at a slightly stoopid concert in august...i was in the pit...they were playing wiseman at the time of the picture lol
  6. I have done acid quite a lot of times, I will say the best way to get GREAT acid is to go to a rave.. When you get it dropped on your tongue via vial you know what I mean..

    But that is just me ;)

    I would also advise staying away from acid, it can leave you with MANY psychological problems..

    I have tripped maybe 10-15 times on acid, and I am done with it.

  7. awful advice lol :D
  8. I don't know about "Digital Buddha Acid", but the acid I got from Bonnaroo this year had a picture of a sitting, smiling buddha on it, and it was fucking awesome. I didn't know how strong it was and I took 2 and then took 2 more like 45 mins later because other people were dosing then so thought fuck it.

    Anyway the art was very colorful and it had a sitting, smiling buddha with a blue sky behind him. Maybe that will help
  9. I picked up a strip of "digital buddha" a moe down a few weeks ago. its legit, but my doses didn't seem overly strong. Who knows, i'm sure it varies.

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