Digital ballast question?

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  1. So as usual I was reading into ways to keep your low key growing low key. I came across a thread that says that digital ballasts can cause a great deal of interference when it comes to an frequency. I even read this one story about a guy who's ballast was causing his neighbors wifi issues and the cable company came to his house and said there was something inside causing frequency issues. I live in a condo building with 80 plus apartments. I haven't noticed any issues with my wifi or anything but I'm afraid I could be messing up my neighbors? Anyone have any experience with this. I have the Apollo horticulture 400w hps with digital dimable ballast if that means anything.
  2. I think they mean magnetic ballasts. never seen a problem with my digital ballast.
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  3. I looked it up and they said digital causes interference and magnetic does not. But I haven't had any issues either I just like to have my mind at ease. I need to stop over reading it drives me nuts.
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  4. I've been using a 1000w digital ballast for a year now without any cable guys showing up to my door. Population roughly 45k.

    Rest easy friend :)
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  5. Lol thanks man nothing worse than when the paranoi sets in. Feeling much better now.
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  6. I remember reading something along those lines too but thought it was just a bubble zone around the ballast of just a foot or something, that could interfere with radio signals. I'm in a duplex, no worries!
  7. When I first started I thought I would go insane with paranoia pre grow. Then late in flower I realized you couldn't hear or smell anything just through a drywall. For first few indoor runs my friends and fam didn't know and they all heavy smokers and a few growers. They would be at my house for parties and what not and I just kept threat room locked. Only ran 1 600 in a tent back then but still, it was mind blowing. I had prepared for the worst the whole time to find out I should have been doing indoor 18 years ago and never wasted money and my freedom at times...rock it out bro!! :passing-joint:
  8. My understanding is that some no name cheap Chinese manufacturers are making ballasts as cheaply as they can including leaving out proper electromagnetic shielding. These ballasts still have the FCC compliance notice even though they are not compliant with radio frequency emission rules. I think as long as you stick to reputable name brands with proper manufacturing techniques you'll be fine. Good luck and stay lifted!

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  9. I read that. He said it was like older ones, he puts even more details in the thread and gives a really good idea. How to prevent it. Think he was like right near the lines in the wall with it as well.

    Tbh, that questions (still think it was answered in there) should be asked in that thread just because it direct relates to it and people are more keen on the subject going on. If you can't find it I'll try and dig it up for you.
  10. 1000w will disrupt radio and microwave signals because they push a lil more than a 400w. 400w is still highly detectable and be triangulated to show your exact location. If I were you I wouldnt be worried over neighbors other than smell. As far as your ballast goes police are well known to triangulate those frequencies to bust grow.

    Magnetic ballast are the only hid ballast that is undetectable.

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  11. I have a 1500 watt heater. By that theory it wouldn't that disrupt?
  12. The way you wrote that it sounded like you was saying because it's pushing more than 400watts so that part didn't make sense to me.
  13. And regardless if the heater is or not, I wouldnt know that answer without research. The digital ballast can be looked up with factual information to back it up. This isnt my opinion, its the way it is

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  14. I am not discrediting you. I am saying the way I read it didn't make sense.
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  15. No worries. You honestly have me curious as to if anything digital thats high powered will do the same thing. I cant make sense of it to be true else the pigs couldn't track grow with the signal. Theyd be chasing heaters and all else in between. However I'm sure the digital ballast put out a certain frequency they could distinguish. Idk thou.

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  16. Well anyhow I appreciate the answers, very interesting discussion. Also since nobody shows my journal any love and I feel as though I'm struggling why doesn't someone take a look!

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  17. The issue with digital ballasts is that they take low frequency electricity 50/60 Hz and convert it to 30,000 odd Hz, and that frequency interferes with WiFi, cable, radio, etc. Digitals do emit rfi, some more than others. I have a 400w digital and if you use a radio next to it, there is just static. The rfi can travel though power lines in your house and turn it into a big antenna. You can use rfi filters on your power cables to reduce this or enclose the ballast in a Faraday cage.

    Honestly, I doubt the cops go driving around triangulating the signal of digital ballasts, too much time and money for very little pay off. In theory, it can be done.

    If you like, try using an am radio when your ballast is operating - that will give a basic idea of home much rfi it is emmiting.
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