digital ballast or regular? Help choose!

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  1. Hello everyone! I have not done anything indoors for a while but i am looking into it now. What is the main difference between the digital ballast and the normal old fassion ones? From what it seems they say the digital ones use less power and run quieter.. anyone have any true numbers on this thing? Lets say im running a digitial ballast with 600w hps / mh lights.... how much money would i save running it 24/7 over the regular old styled ballasts? THank you for anyone who has informaion on this!!!
  2. from my experince alot quieter also it ran cooler which was a huge plus
  3. Hydroponics uses several different types of lights for optimum plant growth. While using different grow lights, it is important to invest in a specialized digital ballast, which is a necessary component of any lighting circuit. Simply put, a ballast is an electronic component in a lighting system that controls the amount of current in a circuit. Without it, a grow light would fail to work.

    Why Digital Ballast?not regular one?

    Earlier ballasts consisted of resistors, which is an inefficient way to control current, as it leads to loss of electricity. Modern digital ballasts limit current flow without wasting electricity. They also help to extend the lifespan of grow lights. Moreover, they help to reduce flickering, a common feature in older ballasts. Also, the performance of most conventional magnetic ballasts worsens after few years of operation, while digital ballasts provide a consistent lumen output and efficiency over its lifetime. As a bonus, digital ballasts offer noise-free operation and less start up time, or the time required to achieve full brightness.

    Lumatek Digital Ballast are well-known in the hydroponics industry for their efficient performance. Other well-known brands include Maverick and Xtrasun.

    Hope you get and idea from above and that will work for you.....
  4. I got a used digital LumenAce off of ebay, it works like a champ. Minimal nose and only gets warm to the touch. I weighed my options and the digital ballast seemed like the better investment. Good luck with your choice
  5. This sums it up very well indeed.

    Digital ballasts are the way to go IMHO.

    They are lighter,cooler,apply more energy to lumens and less to heat waste,last longer,are smaller,light up bulbs faster and extend the bulbs life,will not degrade lumen output in time and have a higher lumen output as well.

    Lumitek has a five year warrantee,2-3 full and a 2-3 prorated(some retailers have exchange policies as well,lend you another while they figure it out.)

    Prices can vary HUGE and getting a system together(ballast/fixture/bulb)may save you allot.

    Whatever ballast you choose get the best warrantee you can find for sure.

    I have Lumatek 240volt 1000watt and a 400watt and LOVE THEM!!
  6. Go with the digital, the only possible con with the digis could be "reliability" issues but their technology has matured within the past couple years so its really a no-brainer imho.
  7. Only real advantage to a magnetic ballast is it's cheaper.
  8. magnetic ballast last longer and you can allways find one with a life time warranty.
  9. lifetime warranties can be like a black hole, still there, still sucking, go digital
  10. i have 2 600w quantum digital (dimmable) ballasts. They dont even get hot to the touch. They are great. Go digital!

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